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The Fund Trader Review: Things to Consider Before Investing

The Fund Trader

The Fund Trader is a service that lets you copy the trades placed by experienced Forex traders. According to the vendor, this system has generated a total profit of more than 29,000% in 5 years. 

This system has been built by the LeapFX team. Not much is known about this company, except for the fact that its headquarters is located in New York, United States. Other systems developed by this company include Easy Money X-Ray Robot, Trade Explorer, Bounce Trader, Gold Trader, The Skilled Trader, InstantEA, Jet Trader Pro, News Action Trader, and others. We don’t know anything about the traders and developers working for this company.

The Fund Trader Robot Review

On the official website, the vendor has not explained any of the features that come with this signals provider. We don’t have enough information on the system based on which we can form an objective opinion. All we know is that the system automatically copies the trades placed by the fund trader into your account. 

As per vendor claims, the signals provided by The Fund Trader have a win rate exceeding 80%. This is quite a bold claim that needs to be verified independently. The fact that the vendor has not explained how the system functions are quite disappointing. Forex traders tend to collect the maximum information possible on an EA before investing in it, hence the lack thereof might serve as an effective deterrent.

Trading Strategies and Currency Pairs

We have little or no information about the trading strategy used by the system. The Fund trader initially studies the fundamental market data and performs technical analysis to seek out profitable trading opportunities. Then it identifies the trade direction and the entry points. Typically, the duration of the trades is between 5 and 24 hours. 

With The Fund Trader, you can receive signals related to 18 currency pairs including gold. We don’t know what indicators are used for generating the signals, however, and no technical information is available on the strategy. Seasoned traders who are particular about technical details might take this as a red flag. We hope in the future the vendor decides to provide us with some strategy insight.

Since the vendor has not shared the backtesting results on the official website, we don’t know how this system would have performed based on historical data. Most traders look for systems that have been tested using historical data because it helps them determine whether the signal provider or robot can deal with adverse market conditions. 

The Fund Trader Trading Statistics The Fund Trader Trading Statistics

It seems the vendor has removed the links to the Myfxbook account on the official website. This makes us think that the account suffered from large losses due to which the trader had to discontinue the results. On conducting some research of our own, we found this Demo account for The Fund Trader on Myfxbook.

As we can see, the performance of this account has been lackluster, to say the least, with the total profit being -$1047.04. Currently, the daily and monthly profits stand at -0.65% and -20.49%, respectively, while the drawdown is quite high at 33.62%

Despite winning 73% of all trades placed, this account has made some huge losses, with the average loss being -1110.91 pips/-$204.84. The account has been active since May 12, 2021, and to date, only 33 trades have been placed through it. Such dismal results do not inspire confidence, and it makes the vendor’s claim of a high win rate fall apart. 

Pricing and Refund


There are two distinct pricing plans for The Fund Trader, with durations of 3 years and 1 year, priced at $297 and $597, respectively. We think the plans are too expensive for a system with such disappointing live performance. The vendor provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for this product.

What Else You Should Know About The Fund Trader

We were not able to find any customer reviews for this signal provider on popular review websites. Clearly, not many people have heard about it or are not confident about purchasing this system.


The Fund Trader


After conducting a detailed analysis of all the different performance factors, we have reached the conclusion that The Fund Trader is not to be trusted. We don’t know what kind of trading strategy this system uses for generating the signals, and upon checking the live trading results, we can see that the performance has been quite dismal. Therefore, you’d be better off looking elsewhere for profitable Forex signal providers.

  • Price - 2/10
  • Strategy - 2/10
  • Trading Results -2/10
  • Vendor Transparency - 2/10
  • Customer Reviews - 2/10
  • Support - 2/10

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