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Unbiased WealthyBot Crypto Bot Review

Unbiased WealthyBot Crypto Bot Review

WealthyBot is a crypto platform offering effortless trading of crypto coins with its automated bots. The service boasts a simple setup and live support. Its feature highlights include a free simulation testing feature and live support.


Feature 1: Mutually profitable service

Using the platform does not require paying a subscription fee. Instead, the company profits by taking a small percentage of the returns you generate from trading using the bots.

Feature 2: Tutorials

Advanced tutorial guides are present to help you get started with the bot swiftly. Additionally, support via Telegram and a blog are present.

Feature 3: Simulation test

A free simulation testing feature is present that helps you try the bot for free under real-time market conditions without risking your capital.

Feature 4: Strategies

The platform offers two buying and selling approaches namely the Up/Down and the Wealthybot strategy. With the proprietary approach, the bot will not buy/sell at a high/low setting but finds a medium point near the levels for achieving higher profits. The Up/Down approach however sells whenever the desired profit is reached and will not try for a higher return.

Verdict: An automated bot with full support and testing features.

How to start with WealthyBot?

Registration is completed in a few simple steps as follows:

  1. Visit the official site and go to the signup section. Create your login credentials.
  2. Login and set up your exchange. Use the exchange API keys to link the exchange to the bot.
  3. Add credits to start trading or use the simulation testing to try the bot first before using it.
  4. The bot software on installation will start tracking the market conditions to find favorable positions

WealthyBot pricing

Although the service does not charge a monthly subscription fee, you need to add credits to your account for the bot to work. The credits are placed in the form of USDT. You can purchase the credits using crypto coins.

Minimum first-time deposit requirement

A minimum amount of $150 is required to be deposited in the exchange account and $25 as bot credits for the service to start trading.

Withdrawal process

Withdrawal of funds is done via the exchange account only. The bot does not have a withdrawal feature.

What about subscription fees and commissions?

No subscription fee is charged. But the bot charges 20% of the profits made from trading in the form of credits.

WealthyBot review: user interface

The user interface is simple and easy to access and use. New users will find it easy to navigate the various sections of the site.

Customer feedback

User review for WealthyBot on the Trustpilot site

We found one review for the company on the Trustpilot site with a rating of 3.4/5. The author finds the company satisfactory but complains about the Binance US exchange, which has poor support and has failed to verify his account.

WealthyBot team

Other than the mention of Secret Energy company powering the official site, we could not find info on the firm such as its founding year, team members, location, etc.

What exchanges does Wealthybot support?

Binance International and Binance US are the main exchanges the platform supports.

Is WealthyBot secure?

API keys are used that connect the bot with the exchange and enable it to trade on your behalf. The private keys are stored in your system. As per the vendor, this ensures the safety of your funds as the exchange will have powerful protective measures to safeguard user funds. The vendor does not provide info on the security measures it uses to protect user data and privacy.

Is it a regulated crypto trading platform?

We could not find info on the regulation and licenses the platform has for trading cryptocurrency. The vendor states that the legitimacy of trading on the platform depends on the legalities in your specific location, state, and country.

Verdict for WealthyBot


WealthyBot promises effective trading automation resulting in bigger returns. Our analysis of the system reveals benefits of the systems, such as the absence of a monthly subscription, simulation testing, and a user-friendly interface. However, the lack of vendor transparency, high profit share, and lack of a proven track record are downsides that you need to consider carefully before you decide on using this platform.

  • No monthly subscription is needed
  • Simulation testing
  • No vendor transparency
  • High commission fee
  • No verified proof of performance

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