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FX Profit Pips Review: Is It a Reliable System?

FX Profit Pips

FX Profit Pips claims to have a trading accuracy of more than 90%. The company states that each of their positions comes with a fixed stop loss and take profit. They offer multiple subscription plans and have many packages from which traders can choose to follow their signals. To better understand the service and to know their profitability, we will cover all the pros and cons in our article.

The signals have the following features:

  • It has a 90% win accuracy.
  • The company has many subscription plans.
  • The support is available 24/5.
  • Each trade comes with a fixed SL and TP.
  • There is a refund policy available for those who are not satisfied with the service.
  • The signals are filtered with the help of 56 expert traders in 11 major countries.
  • Trading records are public on the website, which traders can use to track performance.

How it works

The service will work if you follow the steps below:

  • Purchase one of the subscription packages
  • Send over your WhatsApp and email id to the providers
  • They will add you to their groups and send trades which you can follow.

Trading strategies and currency pairs

The developer states that they are trading on 12 major pairs and four commodities and provide a fixed stop loss and a profit with each position. A total of 56 experts are working on scanning the markets for trading opportunities. Their live signals page shows that each trade has a high stop loss and a small take profit. The risk-reward ratio stands at 3:1, which is quite unfavorable. They claim to have a trading accuracy of 90%.

There are no backtesting records available with the strategy used by the company. Through the use of forex backtesting software, it is possible to demo trade your strategy and provide us with historical performance. Failure to provide us with the statistics raises many concerns about the output of the system.

FX Profit Pips statistics

The company also does not provide any current live records. They are not tracking their performance through websites such as Myfxbook that could prove their claims. We are left stranded while trying to get out good information in this regard. FX Profit Pips only shares their trades through manual tracking. It is quite easy to manipulate such records. For example, losing executions can be entered as winners on the website.

Trading records on the website

Trading records on the website

Pricing and refund

Traders can purchase the service depending on the number of pips they wish to make and the pairs being traded. Ten pips and two major pairs come at the cost of $10, while 120 profitable pips on five currencies will require $49. The company claims to offer a money-back guarantee if traders are not satisfied with the service.

The price of the EA

The price of the EA

What else should you know about FX Profit Pips?

There are no customer reviews present on Forex Peace Army. This shows the lack of interest by traders in the service. They might be aware of the high accuracy claims of 90%, which are impossible to achieve in the financial industry.

Customer review on FPA

Customer review on FPA

FX Profit Pips Conclusion


FX Profit Pips makes many claims on the website but fails to provide any convincing evidence that could prove them. The signal service takes its place amongst other fraudsters in the marketplace that aim to rob traders of their money through monthly subscription plans. Without any convincing live records on a noted tracking webpage, we can not move forward to purchase the signals.

  • Price - 3/10
  • Strategy - 3/10
  • Trading results - 3/10
  • Vendor transparency - 3/10
  • Customer reviews - 4/10
  • Support - 5/10

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