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FX Deal Club Review: Is It a Reliable Service?


FX Deal Club focuses on the money-management picking account under their management. This is the main service they provide.

FX-Deal Club Review

The developers are the professionals who have been on the Forex market since 2001. Of course, it’s a lie. If it was true, they would be millionaires even from a $100 account. Understanding this, you can simply skip the rest of the written info.

FX Deal Club System Review

There’s just this schema of how everything works.

FX-Deal Club Review

  • There is a well-designed strategy behind the system.
  • The company has over 20 years of experience.
  • The system can work with 18 cross pairs.
  • The strategy is based on technical and fundamental analysis.
  • It looks for the precise Entry Points being 24/5 on the market.
  • We have to provide login and password from our account to be managed.
  • The RIO can be from 30% to 50%.
  • The support is 24/7.
  • We may pay for the service by Bitocin and the next paid systems: PayPal and Skrill.
  • The account should be not less than $1000 to be managed.
  • The optimal balance between managing is $5000 or higher.
  • The developers can suggest we change a broker if needed.
  • We have to pay $250 in advance.
  • We have to pay 35% of the commission for each winning trade.

FX-Deal Club Review

  • This form should be filled in to start using their service.

Trading Strategies and Currency Pairs

  • The main strategy combo is Hedge with aggressive Martingale. The devs told nothing about this.
  • There are support strategies like Price Action and Support and Resistance levels trading.
  • We don’t know what time frame the system works on.

FX Deal Club Trading Statistics

The presentation doesn’t include backtest reports because there was something wrong. It is a red flag for the FX Deal Club system.

FX-Deal Club Review

It’s how the previous account of the company looked like. As soon as the losses occurred, it was removed from the site. In a week, it was removed from Myfxbook as well.

FX-Deal Club Review

We have an all-new unblown real EUR account on TickMill. The system works automatically, trading technical data from the MT4 platform with 1:500 leverage. The account has a verified track record, and trading privileges verified badges. It was created on May 13, 2021, and deposited at 15,000 EUR. Since then, the absolute gain has become +18.0%. An average monthly gain is 18.00%. The maximum drawdown is 10.07%.

FX-Deal Club Review

The robot closed 80 deals with 854 pips. An average win is 15.36 pips when an average loss is -22.06 pips. The win rate is 91% for Longs and 84% for Shorts. An average trade length is 17 hours 22 minutes. The profit factor is 5.43.

FX-Deal Club Review

As we may note, there are many currency pairs traded. The most-traded (10 deals) and at the same time the most profitable is GBP/USD with $714.74.

FX-Deal Club Review

It focuses on trading high-impact news during the American session.

FX-Deal Club Review

There were little deals traded to say something for sure.

FX-Deal Club Review

The last twenty deals were profitable.

FX-Deal Club Review

The system trades Grid with Martingale instead of Hedge with Martingale like it was before.

FX-Deal Club Review

The first month is going to close with profits.

Pricing and Refund

  • We have to pay $250 in advance.
  • We will be charged a 35$ commission for won trades.
  • The offer doesn’t include a refund policy. 

What Else You Should Know About FX Deal Club

FX-Deal Club Review

From an FX Deal Club page on Forex Peace Army, it’s noticeable that the new account wasn’t connected yet to the profile. There are three reviews and a 4.333 based on them.

The positive feedback looks awkward after the previous account was blown.

FX Deal Club Conclusion


FX Deal Club is a PAMM service that has one blown, and two stopped accounts behind it. We’ve got a new one. Will it be able to survive? We don’t know. Now, the service looks like a scam. We are surprised how easily they find free 15,000 EUR after losing $26,000 on the previous account. It’s suspicious. Let them trade for half a year on their real account, and we will be watching this.

Price – 2/10

Strategy – 2/10

Trading Results – 3/10

Vendor Transparency – 2/10

Customer Reviews – 2/10

Support – 2/10

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