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Falcor Forex Robot Review: Is It a Reliable System?

Falcor Forex Robot

Falcor Forex Robot is an expert advisor that belongs to Forex Robot Trader. The company has a horrible reputation based on testimonials written on Forex Peace Army. According to FPA, the company was created in 2005. They have other robots in the portfolio: Odin EA, Vader EA, Ganon Forex Robot, Reaper Forex Robot, HAS Forex Robot, Hedge Forex Robot, Pterodactyl Forex Robot, WaveRunner Forex Robot, Directional Forex Robot, Fractal Breakout Indicator, and Volatility Forex Robot.

We have some details explained about how the robot works in general. It’s not much, but at least it’s something.

  • The advisor can help us with executing our orders on the terminal automatically.
  • It works based on the price action strategy.
  • The advisor analyzes support and resistance levels and only then places orders on the market.
  • All of them will be protected by SL and TP levels.
  • It opens orders 24/5 being on the market 24/7.
  • The robot doesn’t require us to have a proprietary trading experience.
  • We can set the system to work within several minutes.
  • It works well on the Standard, Micro, and Mini accounts.
  • It calculates lot sizes for every open deal based on the free margin.

Trading strategies and currency pairs

  • It works with a price action strategy.
  • It can be applied to any currency pair.
  • We may work on any time frame.

The presentation doesn’t include backtest reports. It’s a con because the system was tested for sure but for some reasons the devs don’t share the final reports with us. So, we don’t know win rates, profit factor, drawdowns, trading frequency, and so on. The presentation includes various screenshots but we have no proof that those mentioned profits were really obtained.

Falcor Forex Robot trading statistics

Falcor Forex Robot trading results

Falcor Forex Robot trading results

There’s a report that wasn’t formed on a real account for each month. This looks suspicious. It could easily be formed on the past tick data.

Falcor Forex Robot trading results

Falcor Forex Robot trading results

The account balance is $14,087,638. The gross profit is $106,406. The profit factor is 7.78. The maximal drawdown is $369.80. The system has executed 865 deals. The win rate is between 82% and 84%.

Pricing and refund

The robot can be purchased for $79 for a copy. So, this pricing is discounted. We don’t know details about the package features. So, the robot isn’t supported by a refund policy if it’s not profitable.

What else you should know about Falcor Forex Robot

The most important part is that the system doesn’t work under current market conditions. So, we can’t be sure that it can handle it. We have no clients’ testimonials published on the site or on Forex Peace Army about this robot.

What is behind Falcor Forex Robot?

Key features

  • The advisor traded automatically. So, we are free to do our deeds.
  • The system provides us with calculating lot sizes, SL and TP levels.
  • It will close orders for us.

People feedback

The presentation includes positive testimonials from faceless clients.

Falcor Forex Robot testimonials

Falcor Forex Robot testimonials

There’s a page of Forex Robot Trader on Forex Peace Army with a 2.262 rate based on 270 reviews. There are no trading accounts connected.

Falcor Forex Robot people testimonials

Falcor Forex Robot people testimonials

Falcor Forex Robot people testimonials

Falcor Forex Robot people testimonials

Verified testimonials mentioned that the service isn’t real and their trading solutions are completely random trade on the market. So, almost no one can be successful with their advisors.


Falcor Forex Robot Conclusion


Falcor Forex Robot is a trading solution that doesn’t work on a real or demo account. We have no proof that the system is a viable option for everyone. There’s no refunds and plenty of negative testimonials on FPA.

  • Price - 5/10
  • Strategy - 4/10
  • Trading Results - 1/10
  • Vendor Transparency - 1/10
  • Customer Reviews - 1/10
  • Support - 2/10

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