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Best 5 Solana Metaverse Coins to Include in Your Own Crypto Fund



The Metaverse is the next disruptive technology since the internet of things was invented. Global tech and social media firms seem to agree with this statement. Facebook rebranded to Meta and publicly acknowledged that its future lies in Metaverse technology and communities.


With the Metaverse industry expected to grow at a CAGR of 43% in the next few years, it is a corner of the technology sector that can provide significant portfolio growth and value opportunities. Combine this with another corner of the technology sector, blockchain technology, and what you have is a market segment that straddles both worlds and is ready to go nuclear.


Cryptocurrency has become synonymous with blockchain and Ethereum, but these two are not the only cryptos worth your money. In the Metaverse world, the same trend was with Ethereum taking the lion share until Solana disrupted the market in 2021 to end the year upwards of +12000%, against Ethereum’s gains of approximately +450%. So, has Solana’s bullish rampage run its course, or there’s plenty more in the gas tank?

What are Solana Metaverse coins?

Solana is an open-source blockchain technology that facilitates smart contracts, enabling users to run decentralized applications and DeFi systems. Therefore, Solana Metaverse coins are cryptocurrencies running on the Solana blockchain technology as currency in the Metaverse universe, including Solana-based NFTs.

Why invest in Solana Metaverse coins?

Solana technology was not an instant hit, just like many other things in life. In addition to the ever-increasing Ethereum prices, it gave Solana the boost it required. However, the increased appetite for deflationary cryptos is highly utilizable in various ways without compromising speed and capability.


Despite their technologies operating on the same building blocks at face value, Solana is faster, handles 50000 transactions per second, and more efficiently, attributes much sought after in the crypto world.

As a result, it gained upwards of 12000%, from $1.5 per coin, to reach a record high of $258. Couple this with its scalability and cost-efficiency, and this is a cryptocurrency worth having in any crypto fund.

The top 5 Solana Metaverse coins to include in your crypto fund portfolio 

After two years since its launch, Solana is the fourth largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization worth $44.16 billion. This shows that its proclaimed transaction speed is not just a fallacy, and as one of the fastest programmable blockchains globally, its value can only go upwards. These five Solana Metaverse coins provide solid investment opportunities as they wrestle for supremacy with Ethereum in the Metaverse universe.

No.1 Solice (SLC)

Price: $3.94

Market capitalization: $170.27 M

SLC chart

SLC chart

If you are a fan of Sandbox and Decentraland, then in Solice, you have another great Metaverse universe full of adventure and a chance to make some money. Solice is an open-world virtual reality game running on the Solana blockchain that allows participants to acquire and exchange unique NFTs.

It also features a unique characteristic that allows users to adapt their unique interests while providing several unique ways of fulfilling the Metaverse fantasy; quests, mini-games, and own creations that other players pay to access. It also features a marketplace for the Solice community to buy and sell assets, including land.

How serious of a contender is the Solice coin in the Metaverse? This Solana-based Metaverse coin just landed a $4.3 million venture capital funding to facilitate its projects.

No.2 Star Atlas (ATLAS)

Price: $0.06652

Market capitalization: $143.63 M

ATLAS chart

ATLAS chart

Long before Elon Musk’s tweets, the world was fascinated by the galaxy and its workings. The most popular games and movies have an aspect of the infinite galaxy in their DNA. Star Atlas takes this fascination to the next level by providing an immersive strategy-based space exploration gaming experience. It is combined with cinema-quality and real-time environments to bring the different game genres into synergy for a seamless gaming experience.

This futuristic Metaverse allows players to immerse in-game wealth and do in-game mining for exchange in the real world to the currency of choice. In simple, conquer stars and planets and exchange the NFT spoils for hard currency in the real world.

No.3 Good Games Guild (GGG)

Price: $2.87

Market capitalization: $3.72 M

GGG chart

GGG chart

Good Games Guild’s objective is to optimize its assets and create the largest economy in the Metaverse for maximum returns. As a result, it is created as a virtual reality gaming hub and crypto ecosystem that includes; stake to earn games, play to earn games, and rental NFTs for income generation.

At present, GGG has a 24-hour trading volume of $573720. With its maximum supply capped at 100 million coins and just 1.29 million in supply, this Metaverse coin has a lot of legroom as it builds the largest metaverse economy.

No.4 Synergy Land (SNG / ACN)

One of the best solutions is to invest early before the world realizes its value. It is what Synergy land gives to investors. Still in development, social media leaks show that this Metaverse project uses unreal gaming runs on the Solana blockchain to provide a multiplayer ARPG gaming experience. It draws inspiration from global gaming sensations Path of Exile and Diablo.

The Synergy community will utilize the powerful synergy system to create in-game accessories to trade for NFTs. In addition, it will run on both PC and mobile phone, ensuring an all-inclusive gaming experience.

No.5 Afflarium (AFFL)

Afflarium is yet another Solana-based Metaverse coin that is still under development. However, unlike Synergy land, Afflarium is already in the beta testing phase hence should be out in the market for trading pretty soon. At its core, AFFL is a virtual reality, real-world Metaverse ecosystem that will allow participants to interact with this universe and earn SOL for their activities.

Designed to run on both PCs and mobile phones, this Solana project is worth having in your crosshairs for investment when it launches. In addition, AFFL is a governance token allowing for in-game builds and sticking with the cryptocurrency ideals of democratization and decentralization.

Final thoughts

The Solana ecosystem has over five hundred projects running just after two years in existence. Its scalability attribute at a meager cost without compromising on speed will keep attracting more talent to the Solana ecosystem, accelerating its growth and earnings for those invested.

The same attributes that endear the Solana protocol to its community are the drivers of the Metaverse growth, making it the perfect marriage. The Solana Metaverse coins above are in pole position to profit as the Metaverse and crypto world expand in 2022.

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