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Telegram Connector Review: Is It a Scam?

Telegram Connector

Telegram Connector is a program that connects your Telegram signals group with your trading account on MT4 or MT5. According to the vendor, this signal provider has 1384 downloads and 1255 positive feedback from customers.

We don’t have much information on the organization behind this signal service. On the official website, we can see that its headquarters is located in Køge, Denmark. The vendor has shared contact information in the form of email address and phone number, but we don’t know anything about the developers and traders working for this company. It is not clear when this company was founded or whether it has developed any other signal providers.

After choosing a plan for this service, you will get an email from the company containing a download link for the program. This email will also have instructions on how to set the software up on Metatrader. After this, you will start receiving signals from your Telegram group.

This system can readily execute signals obtained from Telegram. You have the option of utilizing a fixed portion of your account as lot size or assigning different lot sizes for each trade. Additionally, you can decide the risk on each pair and each account. The signal provider is compatible with multiple languages and has an analytics module where you can monitor the performance for individual groups.

Telegram Connector is able to scan several take-profit levels simultaneously and run each of them. You have the option of modifying the take-profit and stop loss rules to suit your trading style. The system will employ the custom rules to the signals acquired through a particular group. For pending orders, you can set the expiration timer to decide when they ought to be closed.

Trading strategies and currency pairs 

On the official website, the vendor has not provided an explanation for the trading strategy used by Telegram Connector. This is a software program that connects a Telegram signal provider channel to your trading account, so it does not have any strategies of its own. The strategy will depend on the person generating the signals in the Telegram group.

You can use this system for all currency pairs. There are no backtesting results for this signal provider. Since it doesn’t have a trading strategy of its own, the vendor did not share the strategy tests based on historical data.

Telegram Connector trading statistics 

Unfortunately, we don’t have the trading results for Telegram Connector. Verified performance statistics are something that every seasoned trader looks for, and they will not risk investing in a system that is not supported by the same. In the absence of a verified track record, we cannot consider this a reliable signal provider.

Pricing and refund 

The pricing plans for Telegram Connector

The pricing plans for Telegram Connector

There are three distinct pricing plans for this signal provider, namely Basic, Pro, and VIP. Each of these plans has monthly and lifetime versions. The monthly plans for Basic, Pro, and VIP cost $34.99, $49.99, and $79.99 each month, respectively. For the lifetime plans, you need to pay $299.99, $399.99, and $499.99, respectively.

We think the plans are too expensive, especially since there are no verified results for this signal provider. The difference between the plans is the number of trading accounts they allow you to use. For the Basic plan, you can use 2 MT4 or MT5 accounts, while the Pro plan allows you to use 5 accounts. VIP plan holders can use as many as 10 MT4 or MT5 accounts.

With all of the plans, you can get unlimited Telegram signals from an unlimited number of groups. The vendor does not offer a refund for any of the plans, which is why you can never rely on this program.

What else you should know about Telegram Connector

One star customer review on Trustpilot

One star customer review on Trustpilot

Negative user review for Telegram Connector on Trustpilot

Negative user review for Telegram Connector on Trustpilot

We can find many user reviews for Telegram Connector on the Trustpilot website. Here, the users have complained about the vendor charging them more than what was specified in the plans. One user also claims that they were unable to get the software working with a VPS and that the service team was unable to solve this issue.

Telegram Connector Conclusion


In the end, we would like to say that this is an unreliable Forex signal provider service. We know very little about the company selling this product, and the vendor has not even shared the live trading statistics. It is an overpriced system without a refund policy, so there is no reason to invest in Telegram Connector.

  • Price – 2/10
  • Strategy – 4/10
  • Trading Results – 2/10
  • Vendor Transparency – 3/10
  • Customer Reviews – 2/10
  • Support – 3/10

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