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Super EZ Forex Review: Is It a Scam?

Super EZ Forex

The presentation of Super EZ Forex looks short, and there’s nothing told about strategies and indicators behind the product. It’s hard to build trust between us if we have to guess what’s going on. The developers provide no intel about themselves. There’s no company behind common sense because they use Gmail service. There’s an EZ trading system and Indicator products published.

Super EZ Forex Review

We have a few pieces of information which we have added to the list below.  The rest we have to guess or suppose:

  • The indicator doesn’t execute trades for us but only informs us about trading opportunities. 
  • The system can be used only on the MetaTrader 4 platform. 
  • The developers don’t disclose details about the strategies behind the system. 
  • Quite often, there’s a trend-based system. 
  • We can trade any currency pair that is available in the terminal. 
  • The time frames are from M15 to D1. 
  • The account balance should have enough margin to work on the D1. 
  • It can be used on Forex, Indices, Metals, Stocks, and cryptocurrencies. 
  • The signals are delivered via charts, pop-ups, email, and messages on mobile. 
  • The indicator has “customizable smiley faces for noise-canceling trend filtering” and “name personalization” features. 
  • We couldn’t find details of these features. 
  • The indicator “confirms BUY or SELL signals in the Hot Zones.”
  • We can apply it to any computer. 
  • The signals can fit any trading style. 
  • The signals are slivered for all trading sessions. 
  • The system isn’t sewed to a single device. 

Trading Strategies and Currency Pairs

  • The developers don’t disclose a trading strategy behind the system. 
  • We are free to use it on any symbol and almost any time frame. 

Super EZ Forex Trading Statistics

The presentation, as we mentioned, doesn’t look professional. There are many reasons where two are the most important ones. The system is released without backtest reports. It’s weird because the indicator can work with many charts and time frames. So, it has to be tested for these purposes properly. It would let us know what we have to expect. 

The second reason is the lack of trading results. It would be great of them to provide us with the extended details from a verified trading account. This helps us to know about: absolute growth, monthly gain, leverage, account balance, trading frequency, accuracy rate, trading deals, trading length, profit factor, and so on. Without this, there’s nothing to talk about. 

Pricing and Refund

Super EZ Forex Price

The pricing is not less weird than the presentation itself. The lifetime license costs $323.67, where 8.25% of the price is a tax. What? Why should we pay the tax? The offer is four-seven times overpriced compared with the similar indicators on the MQL5 community. At the same time, we have to share our bank details, including the CVC code, with a no-name company. We can not be sure the data will be stored well. There’s no refund policy provided. We’d like to note that without trading results, this offer is overkill.

What Else You Should Know About Super EZ Forex

Super EZ Forex Review

There’s a Super EZ Forex page on Forex Peace Army, but it looks like no one cares about it. On the MQL5 site, similar indicators have received much feedback from clients. It doesn’t seem many people purchased this system. 

Super EZ Forex Conclusion


Super EZ Forex sells a Simplicity indicator. The presentation couldn’t convince us this software can be profitable. Frankly, the developers don’t even try to do this. Knowing the real price, their offer looks like a bad joke. 

Price – 2/10

Strategy – 2/10

Trading Results – 2/10

Vendor Transparency – 2/10

Customer Reviews – 2/10

Support – 2/10

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