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SFI Indicator Review: Is It a Reliable System?

SFI Indicator

SFI Indicator works on all time frames and currency pairs. The indicator provides trading signals on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The developers claim that the robot has a winning rate of 79%. Does the indicator provide trades that are profitable?

SFI Indicator has the following features with their service:

  • It works on all time frames and does not repaint itself
  • The indicator is easy to use for beginners
  • It provides pop up notifications and sound alerts whenever a possible setup shows up
  • It can work on the MT 4 platform
  • It comes with a free installation and a setup video that traders can use to install
  • It requires only a one-time payment. The updates and customer support are free after that

How It works

The indicator can be downloaded from your email after your order. Traders will then have to place the file in the indicators directory of the MT 4 platform. Refresh the indicators tab and place the algorithm on respective charts to begin trading. It is also important to send over the account number to the company. After receiving the information, the company will provide the license key within 24 hours, which will then be entered in the input tab of the indicator to activate it.

Trading strategies and currency pairs

SinryAdvice does not share the strategy that the indicator uses to provide the signals. They only state that it works on all forex pairs and time frames. From the images on the website, we can conclude that it indicates a trend and provides signals to follow one accurately.

Trades performed by the indicator

Trades performed by the indicator

There are no backtesting results available that can provide us with information on the performance of the indicator. The developers could have used it on a forex simulator and shared the output with traders. Lack of information does not hold the indicator on our good books.

SFI Indicator trading statistics

The developers only share an image and do not provide a link to the results. The screenshot of trading results shows records from April 28, 2020, till July 16, 2020. The indicator provided an average monthly gain of 44.64%, with a drawdown of 6.72%. There was $2493.62 in deposit and $0 in withdrawal. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on this information, as it cannot be checked.

The image provided by the company

The image provided by the company

Pricing and refund

The algorithm is available for $48. There is no money-back guarantee. Provided the fact that there are no real account results available with no transparency on the developers, the indicator is not worth the asking price. Other indicators with a similar set of information are generally available for free in the financial marketplace.

What else you should know about SFI Indicator

Customer reviews are present on TrustPilot, which gives the company a rating of 4.9 for a total of 49 feedbacks. Users state that their systems are a copy of other robots or indicators on the market. They also state that using their products results in margin calls. The company doesn’t hold their promise of a 14-day money-back guarantee for the products they offer. Customers state that the company is blaming the market and buyers for the poor performance of the EA.

A customer review on TrustPilot

A customer review on TrustPilot

SFI Indicator Conclusion


SFI Indicator does not satisfy us with their account results and customer reviews. There is no transparency on who is the actual developer of the algorithm and their whereabouts. This type of activity raises many concerns about the company's portfolios and their other products. Stay away from the indicator if you value your money.

  • Price 3/10
  • Strategy 2/10
  • Trading results 3/10
  • Vendor transparency 3/10
  • Customer reviews 2/10
  • Support 5/10

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