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Scalp Pro Indicator Review: Is It a Scam?

Scalp Pro Indicator

Scalp Pro Indicator incorporates the best Forex indicators provided by SinryAdvice. This company employs 18 qualified developers and traders. It works from various nations, which include Malaysia (its headquarters), London, Turkey, and India. The company creates custom trading indicators and expert advisors for the MetaTrader 4 platform. These products analyze the fast-paced markets in no time.

Scalp Pro Indicator can be used to trade the Forex market manually on the MT4 platform. This platform is one of the top platforms for Forex trading and is used by a majority of Forex traders worldwide. You can easily download it free of cost from several Forex brokers. To employ Scalp Pro Indicator on your charts, you must have the MetaTrader 4 computer platform.

In this Scalp Pro Indicatr review, you will know the main features of this trading tool, its price, and strategies used so you can employ it in your everyday trading activities.

Scalp Pro Indicator allows you to get high win rates in your trading account. The developer claims that this is the most downloaded and trusted trading tool in 2020 that achieves a win rate of 65%. It provides steady profits to traders. Till now, 1498 orders of this trading system have been sold to customers.

The features of Scalp Pro Indicator

The features of Scalp Pro Indicator

Scalp Pro Indicator is offered by SinryAdvice that is registered and officially certified by SSM. The developer is not transparent when it comes to revealing information about their identity, qualifications, designations, contact details, etc. This makes it hard for us to trust them.

Some of the main features of Scalp Pro Indicator as listed on its official website include:

  • Supports the MetaTrader 4 platform
  • Simple to use
  • Automatic updates every day and support and resistance points on a daily and weekly basis
  • Recommends traders to buy or sell close to the line
  • Trade signals depend on the price action
  • Recommended time frame is 15 minutes

Trading strategies and currency pairs

The trading strategy of Scalp Pro Indicator

The trading strategy of Scalp Pro Indicator

Scalp Pro Indicator works on all Forex currency pairs. It helps traders in discovering small trends within lower timeframes. This practice is called scalping, wherein many small trades are taken regularly.

It takes many years to learn this strategy, which does not require a broker with quick trade execution speeds, low commission charges, and tight spreads. This is because scalping depends on small price movements and requires you to carry out trades at the best bid and ask prices. Thus, Scalp Pro Indicator uses the scalping strategy.

The developer claims that the software can provide a win rate of 65% to traders who use it for Forex trading. However, the vendor does not explain how this system assists traders in earning profits or what is the focus of its strategy. This information will help traders to trust the efficiency of this trading tool.

Plus, there are no backtest reports of this indicator. These results are crucial since they tell traders about the past performance of the trading system and the efficacy of its trading strategy.

Scalp Pro Indicator trading statistics

There are no verified trading results of Scalp Pro Indicator. Although the developer has put a picture of Myfxbook results on its official site, these results are not of Scalp Pro Indicator. The vendor has also posted these results on the official website of its other indicator, that is, SFI Indicator. This is why we think its trading results are fake.

Pricing and refund

The price of Scalp Pro Indicator

The price of Scalp Pro Indicator

Scalp Pro Indicator is available at $39 at present. Earlier, it was offered at $60. The price reduction might have been done by the developer because no one was purchasing it. Moreover, there is no refund policy.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews for Scalp Pro Indicator on its official site

Customer reviews for Scalp Pro Indicator on its official site

There are no customer reviews for Scalp Pro Indicator on reputable third-party websites, such as Forexpeacearmy. However, there are customer testimonials on its official website. But, we cannot trust these reviews since they could have been easily modified to convince traders to buy this indicator. Furthermore, these reviews are from the Facebook page of the firm. This is why they are unreliable.

Scalp Pro Indicator Conclusion


After examining the vendor, features, strategy, user reviews, and pricing of Scalp Pro Indicator, we would not recommend it to you. The seller is unreliable as they do not provide information about themselves, such as their qualifications and experience. Moreover, there are no backtesting results and its trading results are fake, which means we do not know if it performs as efficiently as the developer asserts. The user reviews might also be phony since they are on the vendor’s website and not on any third-party sites. Thus, Scalp Pro Indicator seems a scam.

  • Price - 4/10
  • Strategy - 3/10
  • Trading Results - 2/10
  • Vendor Transparency - 3/10
  • Customer Reviews - 2/10
  • Support - 4/10

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