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Rhombus Capital Review: Is it a Reliable System?

Rhombus Capital

Rhombus Capital provides their account management services by distributing trades through the signal start, which traders can follow by paying a monthly fee. Traders can also choose to open an account on Darwinex, and choose to invest their capital with the company through the PAMM account option within the brokerage.

Rhombus Capital has the following features with their service:

  • The company handles all the trades, and there is no manual intervention necessary from the trader
  • Signals are available through signal start and Darwinex
  • Traders can choose from three different programs to follow

How It works

There are two ways traders can choose to follow Rhombus Capital:

  • Traders can sign up with, where the company presents its portfolio. The trading signals will be copied into the trading accounts entered within the signal start website
  • Traders can open up a trading account with Darwinex and choose to allocate their trading capital with the company. Account verification may be necessary beforehand
  • The minimum deposit requirement is $1000

Trading strategies and currency pairs

The providers of Rhombus Capital do not share the trading strategy they implement. To understand the game plan, we head over to and analyze the trading history. The company trades on multiple currency pairs and uses grid and martingale strategy to maintain a smooth uprising curve. The average holding time of trades is one day which refers to a mini swing trading approach.

Trading history at

Trading history at

There are no backtesting results available that can provide us with the performance during a certain history. The company could have easily tested its strategy using a simulator and presented its results. There are many red flags for Rhombus Capital in regards to the presentation of strategy and statistics.

Rhombus Capital statistics

Trading records are available on, which shows records from May 11, 2021, till the current date. The company provided an average monthly gain of 95.67%, with a drawdown of 45.42%. The drawdown value is high, meaning there is nearly a 50% loss of capital on the trading account. The company has made 319 trades with a winning rate of 73% with a profit factor of 4.06. There were 20600 Euros in deposit and 20898 Euros in withdrawal. The cashout means that Rhombus Capital is not confident with their system and fears it may cause a margin call.

Trading chart of the company at

Trading chart of the company at

Pricing and refund

The trades can be copied at for a monthly price of $100. On Darwinex, there will be some profit-sharing, however, the company doesn’t mention how much profit will be shared between them and the trader. Unavailability of information is an inferior activity that is followed by fraudsters in the industry.

What else you should know about rhombus capital?

Only one customer review is present at Forex Peace Army, which does not qualify for providing the service with any rating.

One customer review

One customer review

The reviewer states that they find the system profitable as it takes all the news into consideration and follows the trend perfectly. They also find customer support as good.

Lack of customer feedback means that no one has tried the system now, probably because of the implementation of huge risk through grid and martingale strategy. Traders are afraid that their account will also hit margin calls and be liquidated.

Rating present at Forex Peace Army

Rating present at Forex Peace Army

Rhombus Capital Conclusion


Rhombus Capital uses risky account management strategies that can liquidate portfolio at any moment when the market chooses to trend in one direction. There is no transparency of developers, and the records show a substantial drawdown. The company clearly violates its statement of maintaining the exposure to 20%, which is evident from the records on

  • Price - 3/10
  • Strategy - 2/10
  • Trading results - 3/10
  • Vendor transparency - 3/10
  • Customer reviews - 2/10
  • Support - 5/10

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