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Full Coygo Crypto Bot Analysis and Features Guide

Full Coygo

Coygo offers a collection of professional tools for trading cryptocurrency, whether you’re analyzing market data, running automated crypto trading bots, or maintaining your portfolio and viewing real-time charts. It works with a variety of crypto exchanges and is available in different pricing plans with a free trial according to your needs. To determine its profitability and security, let’s analyze the system’s features, services, registration process, deposit, and withdrawal policy.


Coygo allows investors to choose from various API keys provided within the platform and utilize ready-made strategies or develop unique code for their robots with Javascript. The most notable characteristics of the platform include:

  • Pre-configured strategies

There are multiple strategies available such as grid trading, swing, triangular arbitrage, market making, etc.

  • Customized codes

Traders can write codes wiith Javascript, suitable for real-time strategies like arbitrage or scalping.

  • Multi exchange trading

You can create orders on multiple exchanges and view all orders and trade history with this feature.

  • Filters

Traders can use various preset filters to find suitable assets or customize them.

Verdict: a fully automated crypto bot with multiple features.

How to start with Coygo?

Coygo offers a variety of pre-built crypto trading bots accessible from Windows, Linux, mobile phones, etc. Following are the steps for getting started with this robot:

  1. Create an account and choose a strategy
  2. Select crypto exchange and instrument
  3. Start the robot and it will begin trading

Coygo pricing

You can subscribe to a basic deal for $1/day and $5 per week, and the Pro plan costs $0.55 per day, $17/month, or $155 per year. Coygo offers a free deal with limited features and allows users to get custom pricing and features. All these packages include an unlimited number of exchanges or trades and transfers, live chat, and email support.

Pricing plans of Coygo

Pricing plans of Coygo

Minimum first-time deposit requirement

Coygo does not mention the minimum deposit required to start trading with the bots anywhere on its website.

Withdrawal process

Coygo fails to explain the withdrawal process, and we do not know if the funds are withdrawn to the platform’s account or your portfolio on exchange. Anyone can cash out your funds if they have access to your API key if you have enabled withdrawals.

What about subscription fees and commissions?

The platform is not transparent about its fees and commissions. The subscription plans can be purchased via credit card or Google play. It does not accept crypto payments.

Payment methods

Payment methods

Coygo review: user interface

The user interface of Coygo is average and supports only the English language. You can manage all your crypto exchanges from a single unified interface. The application supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Customer feedback

There are no records of customer feedback from its users on reputable websites like TrustPilot. The absence of reviews raises concerns for investors to rely upon and trust this platform with valuable investments.

Coygo team

The team behind Coygo includes Evas Francis, CEO, Dorian Kersch, CIO, and Ellery Addington, CTO. The company’s main office functions from San Diego, California, USA. It provides services in more than 75 countries, as claimed by the official website.

The team members at Coygo

The team members at Coygo

What exchanges does Coygo support?

Following are the cryptocurrency exchanges where you can trade several coins 24/7 with Coygo:

  1. Bitstamp
  2. Bittrex
  3. Gemini
  4. Bitfinex
  5. Bitflyer
  6. Kucoin
  7. Coinbase
  8. Coinbase Pro
  9. Poloniex
  10. Binance
  11. Binance US
  12. Kraken
Supported crypto exchanges

Supported crypto exchanges

Is Coygo secure?

There are no backtesting or live records on its website that are essential for analyzing the bot’s performance. Coygo provides security for the accounts in various ways, such as storing API keys in your system.

Is it a regulated crypto trading platform?

Coygo does not provide any information about its regulation or licenses from authentic authorities.

Full Coygo Crypto Bot


Coygo offers several tools for trading cryptocurrency but lacks customer reviews on trusted platforms, raising concerns about the security and authenticity of the robot. We do not know the minimum capital required to start trading with the platform. With the absence of backtesting and live records we cannot assure if it is a safe investment.

  • It allows investors to test strategies with test mode, also known as paper trading
  • Coygo offers a variety of pre-configured strategies and options to write a code for your bot
  • There is no verified client feedback on a trusted platform
  • There is no refund policy
  • It does not support backtesting

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