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Full Botcrypto Crypto Bot Analysis and Features Guide


Botcrypto is a crypto trading platform that allows you to create and customize bots. You can use various strategies ranging from dollar-cost averaging to the use of technical indicators. As per the vendor, the platform allows you to gain an edge on the markets with automated bots. You can save time, grab new opportunities, and trade without any emotional influence. Virtual portfolios are present that help newbies to learn the process and follow results just like a professional trader. The dollar-cost averaging bots help reduce risk and allow you to invest in the crypto coin of your choice without any hassle.


Some of the key features of the service that make it stand apart from its competitors according to the vendor are listed below:

  • Strategy creation

You can create your strategy from scratch using the visual editor feature provided by the platform. As per the vendor, you do not need coding knowledge

  • Test your strategy

Not only does the service provide strategy creation tools, but it also has backtesting and simulation tests. You can get instant feedback on the efficacy of your strategy.

  • Beginner-friendly interface

For newbie traders, the service provides bots that trade on autopilot saving precious time. Beginner traders can trade as efficiently as seasoned traders without having experience in the field or the need for coding skills.

  • Share and earn

The service allows you to share your successful strategies with other traders in the community and get paid. You also get access to numerous successful strategies that other users have shared.

Verdict: A completely automated bot with beginner-friendly features.

How to start with Botcrypto?

It is easy to register and get started with the bot. The simple and free process involves the following steps:

  1. Use the signup option on the official site to register by providing your email address and password
  2. With the login credentials sent to your email sign in to the site
  3. You can choose from the automated bot strategies or create a strategy with the special tools provided
  4. Test the strategy before deploying it by using the backtesting feature or the simulation tests
  5. Launch the bot with the tested strategy

Botcrypto pricing

A free plan and three paid packages are present for the service. The paid packages include the Bronze(€9.99/month), Silver (€29.99/month), and Gold (€59.99/month) packages. Unlimited strategies, unlimited real-time simulations, unlimited backtests, notification on Slack and Discord, one incoming webhook, and full API access are the features common to all plans including the free package. They differ in the number of bots on the markets and the incoming webhooks.

Minimum first-time deposit requirement

The vendor does not provide info on the minimum initial deposit requirement for trading with the bot.

Withdrawal process

The bot does not have withdrawal rights and is used only for trading on your exchange account. It does not have access to your funds.

What about subscription fees and commissions?

No trading fees or commissions are charged by the platform for trading other than the monthly subscription pricing.

Botcrypto review: user interface

The website is designed with a user-friendly interface. All features are easy to access for beginner traders.

Customer feedback

Unfortunately, we cannot find user reviews for this crypto bot on trusted third-party sites such as Trustpilot.

Botcrypto team

The company is based in Strasbourg, France with the website domain being registered from 2017 to 2021. We could not find further details on the company such as its team members, their experience and expertise, etc.

What exchanges does Botcrypto support?

Kraken and Binance are the two exchanges the service supports currently.

Is Botcrypto secure?

As per the vendor, your funds remain safe on your exchange and the bot does not have access to handle your crypto assets. It does not have withdrawal rights. The vendor does not provide info on the security measures used by the service to safeguard user data and privacy such as two-factor authentication, firewalls, encryption, etc.

Is it a regulated crypto trading platform?

No info is present on the regulation and licenses the platform has for providing its crypto services.

Botcrypto Crypto Bot


Botcrypto provides effortless crypto trading with its automated bots. The strategy customization, user-friendly interface, a diverse range of accessible strategies, backtesting, simulation tests, and free plan are benefits of the system. However, there are drawbacks we found in the service such as the limited exchange support, absence of info on the regulation, and the absence of a track record.

  • Customized trading bots
  • User-friendly interface
  • Limited exchange support
  • Absence of regulation
  • No verified track record

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