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EA Thomas Review: Is It a Good Investment Decision In 2022?

EA Thomas

EA Thomas uses a special algorithm that actively searches for profitable entries. The software is fully automated and is easy to use. It is a combination of 5 expert advisors. Vitali Vasilenka is the author of this FX robot. He is based in Belarus and has one year of experience. The author is a metaverse creator at the EA Quantum Lab. He has 26 products and 20 signals to his credit. His other products include EA Last King, EA New Way, EA Super 8, EA Flower, and more.

As per the developer, the main features of the FX EA that make it stand apart from its competitors are:

  • It uses a conservative and aggressive trade modes.
  • A minimum balance of $500 is required for trading a single currency pair.
  • The author recommends a minimum spread of up to 30 pips.
  • Slippage of 5 points maximum is allowed.
  • The author suggests using the recommended settings only.
  • A timeframe of H1 is used for the FX robot.
  • It works the best on the XAUUSD pair.

Trading strategies and currency pairs

As per the author, the FX EA can analyze five entry points at the same time on different timeframes based on the risk level. However, it chooses one entry point for making the order. The strategies used include trend direction detection, trend reversal, flat definition, HFT systems, and determining the trade volume. Here is a backtesting result for the FX robot present on the MQL5 site:

Backtest report

Backtest report

From the above report, we can see that the backtesting done from January 2019 to March 2022 shows a total net profit of 16565611 was generated from an initial deposit of $100. A profit factor of 1.41 was present for a total of 89682 trades with profitability of 96.44%. The maximum drawdown was 6.95%. From the results, we can see that a low-risk approach was used resulting in a low drawdown and the high profits indicated good money management.

EA Thomas trading statistics

A real USD account using the RoboForex Pro broker and the leverage of 1:500 is present on the MQL5 site. Here is a screenshot of the trading stats:

Live trading results

Live trading results

From the above stats, we can see that the trading started on May 12, 2022, showing 42.85% growth. For an initial deposit of $1000, a total of 281 trades were completed with a profitability of 70% and a profit factor of 1.87. The maximum drawdown is 38.7%. From the results, it is clear that the system does not use a low-risk approach as seen in the backtesting results. The high drawdown indicates a risky strategy. Further, the sample size is very small making the results random.

Pricing and refund

To buy this FX EA, you need to pay $49. While the cost is cheap, the author mentions that the price will soon increase to $199 and subsequently to $499. A free demo account is present. We could not find further details on the features you get with the package. No money-back guarantee is present which makes us doubt the reliability of the system. When compared to the price of competitor products in the market, we find the current price is affordable but after the price increase, it can turn out to be an expensive buy.

What else you should know about EA Thomas

We found 20 reviews for the FX robot on the MQL5 site with a rating of 4.71. However, we could not find reviews on third-party sites like Forexpeacearmy, Trustpilot, etc., that can back the positive reviews on the MQL5 site. Since the site promotes the product, the chances of the feedback being manipulated are high.

For support, the developer offers a phone number for Telegram and Whatsapp connectivity. There are links to the Telegram channel and Telegram chat. The author also offers links to social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a blog.

EA Thomas Conclusion


EA Thomas uses multiple strategies to ensure profitable results. The vendor provides a live signal and backtesting results. The current price looks affordable but the subsequent increase in the rate as claimed by the vendor can turn it into a downside for the system. However, the small sample size prevents us from making a proper evaluation. The lack of a money-back guarantee is another drawback of the system that you need to carefully ponder about before deciding on using the FX EA.

  • Price - 4/10
  • Strategy - 5/10
  • Trading Results - 3/10
  • Vendor Transparency - 5/10
  • Customer Reviews - 4/10
  • Support - 5/10

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