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CryptoHero Crypto Bot Analysis and Features Guide


CryptoHero features 24/7 automated trading and allows traders to backtest their strategies before running them in the real market. The marketplace has a range of algorithms from which traders can select pre-tested systems. The platform aims to keep your data secure by keeping sensitive information under privacy. To determine if the service can be profitable for traders, we will be going through its marketplace, FAQs, and pricing section in our review.


Some unique tools and features of CryptoHero bots include:

  • Trading app

A trading application is available for both Android and Apple.

  • Coding experience

Traders do not require any coding experience beforehand. There is no need to write any line of code.

  • Backtest

The robot can be backtested before running on a live account.

  • Marketplace

Traders can purchase ready-made algorithms from the marketplace.

Verdict: a system that can run using multiple strategies on different coins.

How to start with CryptoHero?

To start trading with CryptoHero, traders need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Signup on the platform and purchase one of the plans
  2. Connect your exchange with the help of an API key
  3. Select an algorithm for trading from the platform

CryptoHero pricing

CryptoHero offers three plans, i.e., basic for free, premium for $13.99, and professional for $29.99.

  • Basic

1 active bot with risk-free paper trading and unlimited exchanges.

  • Premium

Includes everything in the basic plan with a total of 15 bots.

  • Professional

A total of 30 bots with 5-minute trading frequency and custom backtest period.

Pricing plans of CryptoHero

Pricing plans of CryptoHero

Minimum first-time deposit requirement

The platform will give an error if your order size does not cover the account balance. Your portfolio size should cover the minimum base and extra order volume.

Minimum deposit of Cryptohero

Minimum deposit of Cryptohero

The developers recommend using 15 USDT to 20 USDT as the minimum account balance to trade.

Minimum deposit of Cryptohero

Minimum deposit of Cryptohero

Withdrawal process

The platform cannot withdraw funds from your exchange. Traders can cash out from their brokers whenever they require.

What about subscription fees and commissions?

CryptoHero charges a 30% platform fee which is deducted automatically for bots placed for sale on the marketplace. A minimum of 20 UST must be available in the account to qualify for the cashout.

Fee policy of CryptoHero

Fee policy of CryptoHero

Customer feedback

There is only a single review present on TrustPilot for Cryptohero where the trader states that the user interface is stable.

Customer feedback on TrustPilot

Customer feedback on TrustPilot

CryptoHero team

Mr. Christopher Low is the founder of the platform who claims to be a successful entrepreneur. The service is backed by Novum group and has its headquarters situated at 80 Raffles Place, UOB Plaza, #33-00, Singapore 048624.

What exchanges does CryptoHero support?

CryptoHero bots support trading on the following exchanges:

  • Binance
  • Bittrex
  • FTX
  • Coinbase
  • and more
Cryptohero supported exchanges

Cryptohero supported exchanges

Is CryptoHero secure?

CryptoHero uses API keys to connect to respective exchanges. They are not clear on the security factor. They do not state if the API keys are ready only or can withdraw funds from the exchange.

Is it a regulated crypto trading platform?

The platform only offers crypto bots for traders and therefore does not require any regulation from financial institutions.

How does CryptoHero work?

Traders can choose from a variety of crypto bots available online. They have set the trading parameters such as order limit and size and set up the exit/entry conditions based on their strategy. The algorithm will then use the coded information to trade the funds on your exchange.

CryptoHero Crypto Bot Conclusion


CryptoHero is an online crypto trading platform that aims at automating your strategies. The service is best suitable for amateur traders who understand how the crypto marketplace works and select proper systems for their portfolios. The website does not disclose the major risk associated with trading digital assets.

  • Range of pricing plans
  • Traders can use the mobile and web trading platforms
  • There are no certificates that could back the trading experience of the developer
  • No live trading records
  • Supports grid strategy, which can only work in a ranging market

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