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BuySellSeriesEA Review: Is It a Reliable System?


BuySellSeriesEA uses a strong trend-based strategy to capitalize on the opportunities in the market. The robot is fully automated and comes with a user guide for proper installation. Our article will discuss the various ups and downs of the system and consider the live and backtesting results for analysis.

BuySellSeriesEA has the following features with their service:

  • A fully automated system that can be installed easily
  • It can work with a minimum of $100 in deposit
  • It comes with various forward testing results that can be used to analyze the performance
  • It comes with free updates and support that is available 24/7

How it works

The robot can be downloaded from your email once you purchase it from the website. Place the ex4 within the experts’ directory of the MT 4 platform. After that, press the auto trading button and refresh the expert’s tab. Place the EA on respective charts to begin trading.

Trading strategies and currency pairs

The robot works using a trend following strategy that uses a news filter and employs the candlestick pattern. There is no further information on the strategy, so we head over to the trading history on Myfxbook to analyze. The robot mainly trades on GBPUSD and uses a grid strategy. The lot size is not shown, so we can not confirm if it also employs martingale as well. It holds trades for an average duration of 10 hours and 3 minutes which shows the day trading approach.

Trading history on Myfxbook

Trading history on Myfxbook

There are no backtesting results available that can provide us with information on the robot’s performance for historical data. There is a link on the website on which the developer explains why he doesn’t provide any backtesting results. However, when you click on it, a new page opens with a discount promo. It seems that the developer is trying to convince customers to buy his system that may lead to a margin call as it employs grid or martingale strategy.

BuySellSeriesEA trading statistics

Verified trading records are available on Myfxbook, which shows records from June 07, 2021, till the current date for forexwavesignal1. The robot provided an average monthly gain of 49.80% with a drawdown of 90.13%. During the duration, there were 591 trades. It had a winning rate of 80% with a profit factor of 2.17. The best trade was $8.78, while the worst was -$16.05. The drawdown on the account is super high, which means that the robot lost nearly all of the balance during trading. This is because it used the martingale strategy.

Trading records on Myfxbook

Trading records on Myfxbook

Pricing and refund

The algorithm is available for $200 and $700. There is no difference in features for both the pricing models. The developer doesn’t care to share the varying factor, which is a poor activity. There is no money-back guarantee. The robot uses a grid or martingale strategy and has a high drawdown on the live account, the asking price is super high.

What else you should know about BuySellSeriesEA?

There are no customer reviews available on Forex Peace Army that could guide us on the viewpoint of other traders. This shows that other traders are afraid to trade with a system that has a high drawdown and does not provide backtesting results.

BuySellSeriesEA Conclusion


BuySellSeriesEA uses a risky martingale or grid strategy that contributes to a high drawdown. The robot likely will incur a margin call in the future. The developer does not provide any backtesting results, which is proof that the system does not work.

  • Price 2/10
  • Strategy 4/10
  • Trading results 3/10
  • Vendor transparency 3/10
  • Customer reviews 2/10
  • Support 5/10

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