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Best 5 Binance Smart Chain Metaverse Coins to Include in Your Own Crypto Fund


Officially, the Solana blockchain has been dubbed the “Ethereum Killer.” However, it is not the only blockchain technology giving Ethereum a run for its money. Investors also have an option in the Binance Smart Chain blockchain technology, which offers faster processing speeds than Ethereum for a fraction of the cost.

These attributes make it one of the perfect blockchain technologies to launch DeFi and GameFi projects on and, as a result, provide a platform for the launch of Metaverse coins.

Why bother with the Metaverse?

A look at mainstream and digital media reveals that the next technology, crypto, and internet frontier is the Metaverse, with a forecasted CAGR of 43% to 2028. Through Binance Smart Chain Metaverse coins below, investors get a chance to invest in an infant corner of the technology market about to change reality as we know it.

What are Binance Smart Chain Metaverse coins?

The Metaverse provides a virtual reality and/or augmented reality universe where members participate in various activities. In this universe, a digital currency enables participants to navigate, known as Metaverse coins. These coins are acquired either by in-game mining, buying and selling, exchange for other Metaverse assets, or earned by undertaking specialized activities within this universe.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Metaverse coins represent a currency utilized in the Metaverse running on BSC  blockchain technology. At its core, BSC technology facilitates the completion of smart transactions, building decentralized applications DApps, and managing digital assets cross-chain.

Why invest in Binance Smart Chain Metaverse coins?

Why move from the more established Metaverse coins providers such as Ethereum and go for Binance ones? Simple! It has already solved the bugs faced when using the other blockchain platforms. Binance Smart Chain technology utilizes delegated proof-of-stake rather than proof-of-work consensus eliminating latency while achieving cost efficiency, making it fast and relatively inexpensive.

The top 5 BSC Metaverse coins to include in your crypto fund 

Metaverse coins are a new addition to the blockchain technology niche but have taken like a duck to water with no signs of slowing down. With BSC technology offering one of the leanest latencies in this field for a fraction of the cost it would take to acquire coins from other providers, the five coins below are a great starting point to buff up your crypto fund.

No. 1 The Crypto You (MILK)

Price: $0.000178

Market capitalization: N/A

MILK chart

MILK chart

Being a pioneer is always excellent, especially if success is on the horizon. The Crypto You is the first Metaverse universe catering specifically to babies. This universe is full of cryptocurrencies that the cute baby-themed avatars protect from the forces of evil. It also features an NFT market where participants can sell, buy, and exchange their tokens for a profit. As a result, Crypto You is the fifth most popular BSC DApp, with over 80K active subscribers.

MILK currently has a 24-hour trading volume of $92925. However, there is no date on its market capitalization and the coins in supply.


Price: $3.11

Market capitalization: $248.72 M

MBOX chart

MBOX chart

MOBOX ecosystem utilizes the Binance Smart Chain technology to couple gaming NFTs with DeFi yield farming. The result is a fun-filled Metaverse that is free to play while providing earnings for activities undertaken in this ecosystem. In addition, the MOBOX universe offers participants with an NFT marketplace, NFT mines, and blockchain staking. The MBOX community will also soon be able to access a DAO and hence have a say on running this universe.

MBOX currently has a 24-hour trading volume of $75312292, to make it the third most popular BSC-based metaverse coin. It has a market cap of $249148765, with approximately 79.85 million coins in circulation out of a total available supply of 389.18 million coins.

No. 3 Elfin Kingdom (ELFIN)

Elfin is in its beta testing phase, but it brings the best of Pokémon to the Metaverse universe. Rather than keep in line with the changing gaming trends, 3D, this game is in, and despite not investing in the graphics space like the norm nowadays, Elfin Kingdom uses Binance Smart Chain technology to fuse DeFi yield farming NFT collection with eSports style gaming. The result is a free-to-play game with massive potential for earnings.

In addition to its native ELFIN currency, this game also supports GGG, BNB, USDT, BUSD, and USDC. As a result, it has gained a massive following and is the fourth most popular DApp running on BSC technology.

No. 4 Bomb Crypto (BCOIN)

Price: $0.6443

Market capitalization: $6.94 M

BCOIN chart

BCOIN chart

Bombcrypto opens the world of 3D bombers to the Metaverse universe. It is a play-to-earn Metaverse game featuring its marketplace for monetizing NFTs collected in-game. This universe offers participants three game modes choices; story mode, autoplay, and PVP.  As a result, this project is the most popular BSC Metaverse coin.

BCOIN currently has a 24-hour trading volume of $5737609. It has a market cap of $6942386, with approximately 10.78 million coins in circulation out of a total available supply of 100 million coins.

No. 5 SecondLive (SLT)

SecondLive is a diversified 3D virtual reality world that facilitates social networks and monetizes participants’ creations. SLT will use NFTs, DAOs, DeFi functionality, and play-to-earn elements in the final testing phases. Participants will create their avatars which will be the basis for content creation. The creators are hoping for a universe that will include virtual exhibitions, concert rooms, art galleries, personal spaces, and game rooms. It also features an NFT market to support participants’ economic activities. This platform will also allow for staking expanding the capacity boundaries. With upwards of 40K subscribers before officially hitting the market, this Metaverse BSC coin is worth tracking closely.

Final thoughts

Rather than adopt an adversarial stunt against Ethereum, the pioneer Metaverse currency provider, Binance, through its BSC technology, has tackled the shortcomings of the former to provide low latency and affordable blockchain technology. In addition, it runs an EVM, Ethereum Virtual Machine, bridging the gap between the two blockchain technologies and tapping into the more established Ethereum market. Add to this its low gas fees, and the Binance Smart Chain Metaverse coins above give you exposure to his assets as they accelerate their traction in 2022.

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