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Best 5 Ethereum Metaverse Coins to Include in Your Own Crypto Fund


Ethereum had been in the Metaverse space long before Facebook had an interest and rebranded to Meta. As such, it is considered the leading Metaverse currency provider.

The Metaverse is the latest technology frontier, with a forecasted CAGR of 43% for the following years. Therefore, it is time to invest in this corner of the technology sector with the potential to be the next most significant disruptive technology since the invention of the internet of things.

Bitcoin might be the most popular cryptocurrency globally, but Ethereum is behind. In addition, Ethereum is considered the more stable of the two cryptocurrencies and is relatively cheaper. In addition, whereas BTC slowed its growth in 2021, 61%, Ethereum continued its record-breaking yearly growth to finish the year with gains of approximately +450%.

As this corner of the industry opens up, it is more prudent to invest in the market leader given the difficulty of mining for Metaverse coins that will rise in value. The five Ethereum Metaverse coins below are the best of this market leader.

What are Ethereum Metaverse coins?

Ethereum is the leading Metaverse currency provider, the pioneer blockchain technology to take advantage of this infant industry. Up until recently, Ethereum and Metaverse were words used interchangeably.

Ethereum is a community-run blockchain technology that facilitates the running of digital money, smart contracts, global payments, and decentralized applications and finance ecosystems. Therefore, Ethereum Metaverse coins are cryptocurrencies running on the Ethereum blockchain technology.

Why invest in Ethereum Metaverse coins?

ETH is one of the best investments to provide value and growth at relatively low volatility in crypto. In addition, it is the leading blockchain technology for decentralized applications, including decentralized finance applications — DeFi, and non-fungible tokens. The result is a technology at the forefront of revolutionizing the banking and finance industry, collectibles market, marketing, gaming, and business management systems.

The top 5 Ethereum Metaverse coins to include in your crypto fund 

As the leading blockchain technology in the Metaverse, ETH coins have a leg up to their competition. Ethereum’s pioneer status in the Metaverse results in the popularity of its coins, providing the intrinsic value to drive growth and the liquidity needed to sustain such growth. As the trend of buying digital assets increases in 2022, the following Ethereum Metaverse coins are in pole position to cash in from this explosion.

No.1 Axie Infinity (AXS)

Price: $56.36

Market capitalization: $3.44B

AXS chart

AXS chart

If you are a fan of Pokémon and Tamagotchi, then in Axie Infinity, you have another excellent option full of fun-filled money-making adventure. Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based community-operated battle gaming and trading platform. Through this platform and community, players get to raise, breed, collect, battle, and trade all of the game tokens. In addition, the Axie ecosystem features its governance token, Axie Infinity Shards, utilized to participate in the governance of the Axie ecosystem. Unlike other Metaverse games, each Axie is a tradable NFT with different attributes and strengths which determine its value.

The easiest way to sell an idea to the masses is by incorporating a sense of ownership. The Axie universe, through its Axie Infinity Shards, gives participants a voice, and as a result, more and more people are buying into this Ethereum-based Metaverse coin. With a 12-month value increase of 869%, and Ethereum technology updated expected this year to speed up its transaction processing time, this coin has potential for significant growth and value creation.

Axie currently has a 24-hour trading volume of $253,363,315. At present, Axie Infinity has a market cap of $3,538,541,842, with approximately 60.91 million coins in circulation out of a total available supply of 270 million.

No.2 Alien Worlds (TLM)

Price: $0.0.1216

Market capitalization: $111.15M

TLM chart

TLM chart

Long before billionaires publicly showed their interest in outer space, the man was always fascinated by the galaxy and the idea of intergalactic life. As a result, the most popular form of entertainment, whether the cinematic universe or the gaming universe, has had an aspect of the infinite galaxy in its DNA. Alien Worlds is a simulated intergalactic economic universe where participants compete for scarce in-game resources called Trillium. Trillium, TLM, enables players to advance and vote for the game’s decentralized autonomous organizations. The result is an economy with non-fungible tokens and decentralized finance, with in-game tokens cashable for fiat currency.

Ethereum technology is considered relatively expensive, but TLM universe has banked on the future of reduced Ethereum costs to provide a free-to-play game, making it the second-fastest-growing NFT game. Add its play to earn attributes, and TLM still has the potential to soar further.

TLM currently has a 24-hour trading volume of $964,403,78. At present, Alien Worlds has a market cap of $110,381,529, with approximately 914 million coins in circulation out of a total available supply of 5.19 billion.

No.3 Sandbox (SAND)

Price: $3.93

Market capitalization: $3.72M

SAND price chart

SAND price chart

If you have played Decentraland, Sandbox gameplay is pretty similar, but the comparison ends. At present, Sandbox has proven to be the best-designed metaverse project offering levels of in-game interactivity and immersive that transcends the PC world. With a universe that combines the best of Minecraft and Fortnite, this Ethereum-based virtual reality universe allows players to create, develop, build, market, buy and sell digital assets within the game. As a result, it combines the world of NFTs and DAOs and ensures that gamers can be creators and vice versa.

The gaming world has evolved to include a market that transcends generations, but blockchain adoption to this universe is still in its infancy. Sandbox’s vision is to facilitate the widespread adoption of blockchain technology in the gaming world. To do this and ensure fast adoption, it focuses on user-generated content and, through its SAND tokens, gives the Sandbox community a voice on the project development. The result is a highly autonomous and decentralized community with the ability to use the improving Ethereum speeds and reduced costs to accelerate its growth.

At present, SAND has a 24-hour trading volume of $773,453,574. With its maximum supply capped at three billion coins and just 1.04 billion in supply, this Metaverse coin has a lot to offer as it drives blockchain adoption to the gaming world.

No.4 Decentraland (MANA)

Price: $2.80

Market capitalization: $5.12B

MANA price chart

MANA price chart

To many, Decentraland is synonymous with virtual property buying and selling. However, this game has a lot more to offer. It is a virtual reality universe running on Ethereum blockchain technology that allows community participants to create, experience, and monetize their applications and content. Participants gain exposure to 3D gaming, casinos, galleries, and concerts through this ecosystem. Like the other coins in this list, Decentraland projects use DAOs, with MANA tokens giving their holder a voice on how this universe operates.

At present, MANA has a 24-hour trading volume of $547,274,453. With its total supply of 2.19 billion coins and no cap on its mining, the 1.83 billion in supply at present makes this a limited digital asset, setting the platform a rise in value.

No.5 UFO Gaming (UFO)

Price: $0.000011

Market capitalization: $295.05M

UFO chart

UFO chart

UFO is a decentralized gaming platform running on Ethereum blockchain technology that combines NFTs, DAOs, DeFi functionality, and play to earn elements. To give its community enough room for project expansion, the UFO universe comes with two-layer scaling via Immutable X, which also accelerates its transaction processing speeds-a solution to Ethereum’s low processing speeds.

Despite having gameplay similar to other Metaverse games, UFO differentiates by facilitating in-game NFT mining and having GameFi earning quests. This universe also seeks to collaborate with traditional gaming providers to champion blockchain technology adoption to the industry opening up numerous growth opportunities.

At present, UFO has a 24-hour trading volume of $7,083,050. With its supply of 25757.58 billion coins and all of them in circulation already, it is one of the most liquid Ethereum Metaverse coins.

Final thoughts

Ethereum has been criticized for its relatively slow processing speeds, higher mining energy requirements, and somewhat higher cost despite being a market leader. An upgrade is in the works for release before mid-2022 that promises transaction processing speeds that will rival Solana’s, 100000 transactions per second. It will pave the way for more Ethereum based projects, which will affect Ethereum costs. The coins above are the best Ethereum-based coins in pole position to benefit from all these changes hence worth having as part of any crypto fund.

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