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Stenvall Mark III Review: Is It a Good Investment Decision In 2022?

Stenvall Mark III

Stenvall Mark III is a Forex-related trading solution that has been existing on the market since April 2019. So, the robot is a long life solution. However, its trading results showed that the system should be updated. Let’s have a closer look at the system’s efficacy and reliability.

We have various details, settings and parameters explained about how the system is going to be profitable.

  • The advisor was designed in order to help us with automatic trading.
  • It can work with low risks on our account.
  • The advisor belongs to the third generation of the system.
  • It runs a hybrid strategy of a trend and counter trend one.
  • It can be useful for high time frames.
  • The release year was 2016.
  • We can rely on 8% of the drawdowns.
  • The dev insisted that the robot was used on the $2.7M account.
  • The strategies to work are: Scalping, Grid, or Martingale.
  • The advisor isn’t sensitive to spreads.
  • It provides all orders with proper SL and TP levels.
  • The system sets TP levels at 150 pips.
  • We can set the system within several minutes.
  • The balance should be over $100.

Trading strategies and currency pairs

  • It works with a trend and counter trend strategy.
  • The core pair is EURUSD.
  • It opens orders on the M5 time frame.
Stenvall Mark III backtest report

Stenvall Mark III backtest report

We have a report that was received after testing the robot on IC Markets with low risks. The modeling quality was 100%. This EA trades with a leverage of 1:100. The total profit was 850% with 11% of drawdowns. The data period was 6.5 years.

Stenvall Mark III trading statistics

Stenvall Mark III trading results on Myfxbook

Stenvall Mark III trading results on Myfxbook

The robot exists on the real account that was created on ForexChief. The platform is MT4. It works with mediocre leverage. The account has a verified track record. It was created on April 21, 2019, and deposited at ¥11,283. Its total gain is 236.27% and the average monthly gain is 3.67%. The maximum drawdown is 23.80%. There are 129 people who track the results.

Stenvall Mark III trading details

Stenvall Mark III trading details

Out of 567 orders the system executed, 367 were profitable ones which represents a win rate of 65%. Its accuracy rate is 62% and 66% for longs and short trades, respectively. An average trade length is 5 hours and 4 minutes. The profit factor is 1.70. So, the numbers are average.

Stenvall Mark III trading details

Stenvall Mark III trading details

The advisor can easily lose several orders in a row. Oddly, but the lot size is hidden. Probably, it’s because of the Martingale approach behind.

Stenvall Mark III monthly trading results

Stenvall Mark III monthly trading results

The advisor hasn’t opened any deal in February 2022 yet.

Pricing and refund

Stenvall Mark III offer on MQL5

Stenvall Mark III offer on MQL5

The system is available for a high price of $980. There’s a single rental option for $399. We can also download a robot for demo usage for free.

What else you should know about Stenvall Mark III

The system hasn’t been working stable for a year or so. Most likely, it should be tuned to fit market conditions.

People feedback

Gennady Sergienko from Russia is a developer of this expert advisor. On the MQL5 he has a high 15,699 rate. Gennad has five years of trading experience on the Forex market. His trading portfolio includes 7 products and only 1 signal. Unfortunately, this information is everything the dev decided to share with us.

People testimonials on MQL5

People testimonials on MQL5

The presentation includes various negative testimonials about former clients trading experience.

Stenvall Mark III Conclusion


Stenvall Mark III is a trading solution that focuses on trading EURUSD. The trading results showed that the robot doesn’t work stable. On MQL5 we can see a wall of negative customer testimonials claiming that the robot doesn’t work well.

  • Price - 3/10
  • Strategy - 3/10
  • Trading Results - 3/10
  • Vendor Transparency - 6/10
  • Customer Reviews - 2/10
  • Support - 5/10

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