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Wild Side Review: Is It a Reliable EA?

Wild Side

Wild Side is far from being a reliable tool. With thousands of demo downloads, it is suspicious that only 5 customers have made the choice to purchase it. There is a high chance that traders have experienced first-hand how inefficient its strategy is.

A Russian called Marat Baiburin is responsible for developing this product. He has received a total rating of 4.5 from 37 reviews. There is no direct phone line or email that you can use to contact Marat. You can only chat with him on the mql5 marketplace’s comment section. We also noted that the developer’s credentials are not posted. For this reason, his expertise regarding Forex matters is in doubt.

The system has the following features:

  • Does not apply a news filter.
  • The vendor recommends using the EA on ECN or RAW accounts and with a low-ping VPS.
  • The recommended leverage is from 1:50 and above.
  • All trades adhere to FIFO rules.
  • Applies several timeframes, but traders are asked to work on the 5 minute time frame.
  • The recommended minimum deposit required to trade 0.01 lots is $50.
  • Runs on the MT4/5 terminals.
  • Grid, martingale, or other “toxic” methods are not used.

Trading strategies and currency pairs

Wild Side works with different currency pairs, which include USDCAD, EURCAD, EURCHF, EURUSD, USDCHF, EURAUD, AUDUSD, GBPUSD, and CHFJPY symbols. According to the vendor, the robot is designed to trade at night. Although he does not mention the approach used, we believe that scalping is involved.

Marat also reiterates that the EA applies its own price action algorithms along with his indicator. Furthermore, every trade uses a stop loss and take-profit to mitigate losses and maximize gains respectively.

Let’s look at the backtest results below and see if the aforementioned strategies were successful in the past or not.

Backtest report of the EURUSD currency pair

Backtest report of the EURUSD currency pair

Here we have a strategy tester report with a 99.90% modeling quality. It also shows that the EA was backtested using the EURUSD currency pair on the 5 minute time frame between May 2003 and April 2021. A deposit of $1,000 was placed, and within 18 years, a total net profit of $9068.05 was attained. This gain was very small. This means that, on average, the system produced about $503 profits yearly.

The total number of trades conducted was 4985. The accuracy rates for short and long positions were 79.97% and 78.51% respectively. The average loss trade (-$8.59) was nearly twice higher than the average profit trade ($4.56).

Wild Side trading statistics

The dev has opened an account on, but it is no longer there. The results were rather poor, and we suspect its removal is the vendor’s attempt to cover up this reality. So, we were left with no choice but to assess the unverified trading results posted on mql5.

Trading results on MQL 5

Trading results on MQL 5

This account was launched on March 18, 2021, and to date, the system has increased its investment by 20.35%. It is surprising that only a $20.09 profit has been realized from a $98.25 deposit.

Trading performance of the system

Trading performance of the system

The total trades completed so far are 225, but the profitable ones are only 67.55%. The short trades have also performed very poorly (28.89%). The profit factor of 1.69 also illustrates the low return rate of the EA. The average profit is $0.32, while the average loss is $-0.40.

Pricing and refund

Wild Side EA’s pricing

Wild Side EA’s pricing

Wild Side is being sold at a 50% discount. So, its current price is $149 and affordable for money. Nevertheless, it does not feature renting options like other EAs being sold on mql5. A money-back guarantee is unavailable as well. Traders would ask: is the system worth this money? We believe that it is not. When you look at the backtest data and the live trading results, it is apparent that it barely attains substantial wins.

What else you should know about Wild Side

Out of the 10 reviews displayed on the bot’s presentation, only one is negative. This customer admits that the system has a low trading activity and is unprofitable. These comments coincide with our findings. So, there is truth to what this client is saying.

Client testimonial

Client testimonial

Wild Side Conclusion


Wild Side is not a reliable Forex trading tool. Through this review, we have ascertained that it has a low trading frequency, and whenever it trades, it does not generate useful gains. The vendor is also someone we cannot trust since we know nothing about his capabilities. It would thus make little sense to purchase this product. You don’t stand to gain anything.

  • Price-5/10
  • Strategy-5/10
  • Trading results-3/10
  • Vendor transparency-4/10
  • Customer reviews-4/10
  • Support-3/10

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