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Unbiased Botee.Trade Crypto Bot Review


Botee.Trade assures automated bots that are designed for professional traders. By using the automated bots, you can earn passive income as the bots will diligently take over the trading for you. The vendor assures a mobile-friendly service with free backtests and a customizable interface.


Botee.Trade uses an advanced cloud service for making and automating the trading approach. The service provides customizable charts that display all the trading info you need. The TA indicators, custom strategies, DCA, leveraging, and Shorting are advanced tools that the platform offers. Here are some of the key feature highlights of the crypto platform.

Flexible trading

There are plenty of tools available to ensure a flexible trading experience. They include margin and leverage, trailing stops, technical analysis indicators, DCA, and more. You can combine the strategies or change the basic setting of the indicators to your trading style.

Test your strategy

Backtests and simulation tests are present along with any of the paid packages you choose. The unlimited backtesting feature allows you to test the strategies before you use them in real trading. With the simulation tests, you can test in real trading conditions without risking your capital.

Efficient bot configuration

With the tools available on the platform, you can make bot configurations without any restrictions. You can change the basic strategy, choose the data sources you want, set different timeframes for each of the indicators, and more.

Verdict: A customizable bot to make your trading simple and efficient.

How to start with Botee.Trade?

To get started with the bot platform, here are the steps needed:

  1. Visit the official site and use the sign-up feature to create an account
  2. Select a plan from the available packages
  3. Receive confirmation of the registration after the service reserves a server
  4. Login to the account you created and click on the bot you have been provided
  5. Login to the supported exchange you have an account in and generate an API key to connect the service to the exchange
  6. Choose the currency pair and timeframe
  7. Configure a strategy using the Editor feature
  8. Upload the settings after you have done the changes to the settings
  9. Backtest the strategy and use simulation testing
  10. Now the bot is ready to trade

Botee.Trade pricing

A free trial is offered for 7 days that includes backtests, paper trading, live trading, and a deposit of a maximum of $1000. The paid packages include the Standard ($60/month), Advanced ($120/month), and Superior ($270/month) plans. The main difference in the packages is the maximum deposit needed. Notifications via Discord and Telegram, and end-to-end analytics are the additional features of the advanced and superior plan. When compared to the market average, we find the pricing is expensive.

Minimum first-time deposit requirement

There is no minimum deposit requirement for the service as the funds are handled by the exchange only. However, the pricing plans feature a maximum deposit limit. The maximum deposit limit differs based on the package you choose and ranges from $1000 for the free trial to $300,000 for the Superior plan.

Withdrawal process

The withdrawal feature is not present for the service as the funds are handled by the exchange only.

What about subscription fees and commissions?

Besides the subscription packages, there are no additional trading fees charged for using the platform.

Botee.Trade review: user interface

The interface is intuitive and user-friendly enabling you to use the features and trade effectively.

Customer feedback

Unfortunately, we could not find user reviews for the company on reputed review sites like Trustpilot.

Botee.Trade team

The company was launched in 2017 as per the roadmap details presented on the website. We could not find further details such as the location, team members, their expertise, and other related info.

What exchanges does Botee.Trade support?

Binance and Bitfinex are the main supported exchanges for the company.

Is Botee.Trade secure?

The bot does not have withdrawal permission so your deposit remains safe and secure. Further, API keys are used for trading on the exchange ensuring the protection of your funds. Further, the bots have dedicated servers ensuring a good fault-tolerant system.

Is it a regulated crypto trading platform?

We could not find info on the license and regulation of the company as the vendor does not provide the details.

Botee.Trade Crypto Bot


Botee.Trade offers many advantages such as dedicated servers, intuitive interface, diverse strategies, customization, and more. However, the absence of vendor info, lack of a proven track record, and expensive pricing are drawbacks you need to consider in this service.

  • Simulation and backtesting features
  • Free trial
  • No vendor transparency
  • Lack of verified performance
  • Expensive pricing

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