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Tioga Review: Is It a Dangerous System?


Tioga is a robot that was published on the MQL5 platform. The developer changed several account where the system worked properly. The presentation includes information about the system and its potential.

Tioga profile on MQL5

Tioga profile on MQL5

Ozkan Kara is a developer from Turkey with a 24,993 rate. There are two products in his portfolio with 8641 demo downloads. We have a single signal with one subscriber.

The presentation provides us with information about the system and its possibilities. This intel allows us to understand what we have to expect from the robot and if the system fits our trading style.

  • Tioga is a fully-automatic trading solution.
  • So, it can cover us with opening and closing our orders on the MT4/5 terminal.
  • We have to provide only general supervision and count profits.
  • The price changed consistently from $295, to $795 then to $495, and came back to $295.
  • The system works with short profits on the market.
  • It trades the core period of the mean reversion possibilities at the end of the US session.
  • It is possible to trade smoothly and predictably.
  • The system doesn’t work with risky strategies such as Grid, Martingale, Cost Averaging.
  • We can work with fixed lot sizes.
  • There’s welcome support.
  • We can work with suggested risks of 4% or set our goals.
  • The optimal risk can be 1-2%.
  • It works during the night hours.
  • It follows FIFO rules.
  • We can work without previous trading experience.
  • A VPS service will be a good option.
  • The balance has to be over $300.
  • An ECN account is a good option.
  • There’s a GMT offset automatic detection.

Trading strategies and currency pairs

  • The core strategy is scalping at night.
  • M5 is the only pair to trade.

Tioga trading statistics

Tioga backtest report

Tioga backtest report

There’s a backtest report that was generated after testing 11 pairs at once. The data period started on January 01, 2021 and ended on October 23, 2021. The history quality was 100%. An initial deposit was $500. The system could provide $483.75 of the total net profit.

Its profit factor was 5.24, while the recovery factor was 15.79. The maximum drawdown was 3.48% ($22.70). There were 1878 orders performed with 98.77% of the win rate for short and 99.56% for long trading directions. The win streak was 133 deals.

Tioga trading results on MQL5

Tioga trading results on MQL5

We have a real account where the robot works on Alpari. This broker is rarely used for automated trading. The leverage is 1:500. The maximum drawdown is 12.4% when the maximum deposit load is 8.3%. An actual win rate is 91.8%. We have this account working for 12 weeks. For this time its total gain has grown to 4.40%. The developer almost withdrew it.

Tioga growth chart

Tioga growth chart

The system works with different profitability and it can easily lose a month.

Tioga closed orders

Tioga closed orders

We may note that the sstem generates very small profits.

Tioga details

Tioga details

The system has closed 392 orders. The best trade is $12.95 when the worst trade is -$60.26. The recovery factor is -0.39 when the profit factor is 0.85. An average monthly gain is 9.96%.

Tioga warnings

Tioga warnings

We have so many varinings delivered from the MQL5 platform.

Pricing and refund

The current price includes lifetime and rental options. We can buy a real account copy of the system for $295. or rent it for $45/month, $95/three months, and $195/year. Unfortunately, there are no refund options availble.

What else you should know about Tioga

The system has huge problems with keeping the trading account profitable.

Tioga Conclusion


Tioga is a trading solution that works on a real market. The system showed good results on backtests but they don’t match trading results on the real account. The robot has huge problems with surviving on the market. The pricing allows us to purchase or rent it for an acceptable price. Alas, we don’t have a refund policy applied.

  • Price - 8/10
  • Strategy - 5/10
  • Trading Results - 3/10
  • Vendor Transparency - 5/10
  • Customer Reviews - 6/10
  • Support - 5/10

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