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The Money Tree Robot: Is It a Good Investment Decision In 2022?

The Money Tree Robot

The Money Tree Robot is a product from LeapFX, a company with multiple EAs for sale, such as the Stealth Trader, Automic Trader, DynaScalp, etc. According to the developer, the expert advisor can accumulate over 700% profit in a short period of three months without using any hedging, grid/martingale, or any other risky strategical approach. The official website also mentions that its algorithm is user-friendly and has a win rate of over 90%. Continue reading our analytical review to know if this system is worth investing your money in.

The Money Tree Robot comes with the following mentioned features:

  • It is a 100% automated trading solution.
  • The EA trades on Metatrader 4 brokerage.
  • It’s easy to install and setup.
  • The expert advisor is compatible with fifteen currency pairs.
  • The system is not broker-sensitive.
  • The robot doesn’t use any grid, hedging, etc.
  • The developer offers a one-month refund policy.
  • Life-long updates and upgrades.
  • Full customer support.

To install the system traders, you simply need to place the ex4 file in the expert folder and then attach it onto the charts. The only statement we can find on the website is that it does not use any grid or hedging strategies.

Trading strategies and currency pairs

The vendor mentioned that the EA could trade fairly with 15 currency pairs. However, they failed to provide a clear insight over the timeframe, leverage, minimum/recommended deposit, and strategical game plan in the presentation of the expert advisor.

While observing the live records on Myfxbook, we can observe that the system has a small take profit of 10 pips for each position. There is no stop loss attached with trades. The developers have hidden the lot size for the algorithm, due to which we cannot confirm the use of martingale.

Trading history of the robot

Trading history of the robot

The vendors of Money Tree Robots don’t provide their users with past records. Backtesting is used to know the effectiveness and performance of the algorithm on historical data. The traders widely use the stats to check the efficiency and strategical behavior of the EA.

The Money Tree Robot trading statistics

The Money Tree Robot comes with verified live trading records available on Myfxbook. On a real account, the developer uses a leverage of 1:200. The EA started trading on Feb 02, 2022, and is live till today. The algorithm data exhibits a gain of +1032.54% with a profit factor of 3.41.

The total balance stands at $11325.37, with a gross profit of $10325.37 achieved on an initial deposit of $1000. The drawdown value of the system is 18.79% as of now.

Verified live trading records from Myfxbook

Verified live trading records from Myfxbook

The EA took part in 197 trades with a winning rate of 92%. The best trade performed by the system is shown as $416.88, while the worst trade was recorded as -$800.20, which gives us a poor risk-reward ratio. Furthermore, the average loss is $285.71 compared to the average win of $80.28. As mentioned before, the developer also hides the lot size, which creates transparency concerns.

Live trading records from Myfxbook

Live trading records from Myfxbook

Pricing and refund

The Money Tree Robot is available at $899 for a lifetime membership. It also comes with a yearly renting option starting at $597. The purchase comes with a copy of the software, lifelong updates/upgrades, complete customer support, best recommendations, and a detailed setup guide. The developers also claim to honor an unconditional 30-days refund policy if the user isn’t satisfied with their product.

The overall purchase plan seems decent, but the high pricing is a point to note. The Forex marketplace is overcrowded, with EAs having similar outcomes with a cheaper price tag.

What else you should know about The Money Tree Robot

There is no customer feedback on The Money Tree Robot available on any reputable platforms, but the service provider is rated 2.91/5 on Forex Peace Army with 18 reviews.

Vendors profile on Forex Peace Army

Vendors profile on Forex Peace Army

There are many unsatisfied customer reviews present on the website. One of the investors mentioned their EAs as trash while complaining about the bad trading results. He further advised his fellow traders not to trust the live trading records provided by the developers.

User review on Forex Peace Army

User review on Forex Peace Army

Another investor shared his experience with the company describing how his account got blown up and complained about their terrible customer support.

User review on Forex Peace Army

User review on Forex Peace Army

A user named Onahas from the US wrote how he struggled to refund his payment and explained how he filed a dispute with the credit card firm to get it back from the developer. According to him, the vendors don’t honor their moneyback policy which contradicts their claims.

User review at Forex Peace Army

User review at Forex Peace Army

The Money Tree Robot Conclusion


The Money Tree Robot has an absence of backtesting records, zero vendor transparency, and poor insight into the strategic game plan. As per the vendor's statement, they honor a money back policy, but the user testimonies on reputed platforms contradict that. Furthermore, the EA is overpriced and has a short duration of the live records.

  • Price - 6/10
  • Strategy - 4/10
  • Trading Results - 5/10
  • Vendor Transparency - 4/10
  • Customer Reviews - 4/10
  • Support - 3/10

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