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Swing VIP EA Review: Is It a Scam?

Swing VIP EA

Swing VIP assures high returns and low risk with its price action-based approach. This MT4 trading tool promises a monthly return of 8% to 20%. The vendor claims that this FX Robot has 76% accuracy and 83% higher returns. Besides the use of price action, the ATS also uses basic indicators including CCI, PPO, and more.

SinryAdvice is the company that stands behind this product. It is a company registered in Malaysia with SSM certification. A team of professional developers and traders of the firm create EAs and indicators for the MT4 platform. Based in Malaysia, the company has offices in India, London, and Turkey. For contact, the firm provides an email address and a location address. Social media links are present for support in addition to a live chat feature. Trend Reversal, Forex Speed, and MG Pro are other FX products of the company.

Features of Swing VIP

Features of Swing VIP

According to the vendor, the FX EA is designed to exploit market info like the trend, price action, and indicators to place accurate trades. The ATS works on 5 currency pairs using the M1 timeframe. Here are a few features the vendor focuses on for this MT4 tool:

  • The FX EA can work on 5 currency pairs simultaneously.
  • It has live verified results and has been tested for 3 years.
  • A drawdown of less than 20% is possible with the FX robot.
  • It executes trades automatically without any manual intervention.
  • No dangerous methods like Martingale are used by the MT4 tool.

Recommendations for the system include the use of standard, and ECN accounts with leverage starting from 1:100. A minimum deposit of $1000 is recommended for better profits and less drawdown.

Trading strategies and currency pairs

As per the vendor, this FX Robot uses the prevailing price momentum for making trading decisions instead of relying mainly on technical tools. The trend trading approach is another method this EA uses for spotting market momentum. According to the vendor, by analyzing historical trends and movement of price, the EA can help in predicting future trends.  Unfortunately, we are unable to assess the efficacy of the approach as there are no backtesting results present.

Swing VIP EA trading statistics

The vendor provides a real USD 100K account using the Opo forex broker and the leverage of 1:500 on the MT4 platform.

Growth curve of Swing VIP

Growth curve of Swing VIP

Advanced trading stats of Swing VIP

Advanced trading stats of Swing VIP

From the above info, we can see the EA has generated a total profit of 56.65% and an absolute profit of 57.13%. A daily and monthly profit of 5.88% are present. The drawdown is 18.07%. For the account that started in April 2021, a total of 1369 trades have been completed with 69% profitability and a profit factor of 1.49.

From the trading history, we can see a lot size of 1.55 is used. The increased trading frequency and decent profitability indicate a consistent performance. From the low drawdown, we find the risks involved are not very high. However, the sample size is small so we cannot predict the performance to continue in the future. Further, the recent monthly profits are lower when compared to the earlier returns making us suspect the efficacy.

Pricing and refund

Pricing package of Swing VIP

Pricing package of Swing VIP

By paying $145 you can purchase the FX robot. The package includes one real and one demo account license, lifetime updates, and a user manual. A 100% refund is assured if you find the system is not profitable within 14 days of buying it. When compared to the price of competitor systems in the market, we find the rate is not expensive.

What else you should know about Swing VIP EA

While there are no reviews present for this specific FX EA, we found two reviews for the SinryAdvice company on the FPA site.

User review for Swing VIP

User review for Swing VIP

User review for Swing VIP

User review for Swing VIP

From the above feedback, it is clear that the performance of the company products is poor and the support is not good.

Swing VIP EA Conclusion


Swing VIP EA guarantees 76% accuracy and high returns. Our evaluation of the various characteristics of the system reveals that it has verified results but only for a short period. The trading stats indicate a steady growth at the beginning with a sudden dip in performance in the recent months. When compared to the market average, the price is affordable. However, the lack of a proper strategy explanation, the absence of backtests, and negative user reviews are shortcomings that have to be kept in mind while deciding on this EA.

  • Price – 7/10
  • Strategy - 5/10
  • Trading Results –4/10
  • Vendor Transparency - 5/10
  • Customer Reviews –3/10
  • Support - 5/10

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