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M15 Signals Review: Is It a Reliable System?

M15 Signals

M15 Signals provides 2 to 8 trades each day and claims to have a 90% accuracy on their executions. The company analyzes the forex and gold during Asia, London, and US sessions. Having a 90% win rate in the currency market is quite impossible, so we head over to scan the website and see if they are profitable or not.

The signals have the following features:

  • The trades have a 90% win accuracy.
  • M15 Signals company offers short term signals.
  • 1500 to 3000 pips are guaranteed each month.
  • The company claims to have almost 90% accuracy.
  • A signal history is available.

How It works

The service will work if you follow the steps below:

  • Purchase one of the subscription packages from the company’s website.
  • The provider will send over the Telegram link.
  • Traders can enter the channel and follow trades.
  • Traders will have to monitor all the updates from the channel constantly and follow all the changes to the positions.

Trading strategies and currency pairs

The developers state that they are using short-term scalping on forex and gold. There are two to eight trades available each day which traders have to follow. All the trades are analyzed on the 15 minutes chart. There is no further information present about the strategy, and there are no histories present on the website that we could have used to analyze the game plan. Hiding the subject gives a very poor outlook to the company.

There are no backtesting records available that we could use to analyze the strategy’s performance on historical records. It is indeed possible to employ forex simulators and present us with statistics and detailed statements. The company is either unaware of the subject matter or is not willing to provide its records. Both of the said reasons give them a poor rating.

M15 Signals trading statistics

The company also does not provide any current statistics which can show us the performance of the system. This is an extremely poor practice which raises many concerns over the service. This type of practice is followed by many scammers targeting beginners and amateurs and rob them of their money, claiming to have a 90% win rate.

Trading records on the website

Trading records on the website

Pricing and refund

Traders can purchase the service for 1, 3, and 6 months at an asking price of $60, $120, and $190, respectively. All three packages have the same features, but the duration is longer.

The price of the EA

The price of the EA

What else should you know about M15 Signals?

Customer reviews are present on the Forex Peace Army, giving us an idea of the viewpoint of other traders. For a total of 28 reviews, they have a rating of 2.095, which is extremely poor. A trader states that they are scamming people through their investment scheme. The company asks for a huge amount of money.

Customer review on FPA

Customer review on FPA

Another customer states that they are a scam, and there is no difference in the signals service between free and premium groups. While demanding a refund, he was kicked out of the group.

Customer review on FPA

Customer review on FPA

Forex Peace Army moderators remove many five-star reviews stating that they all came on one day. They state that the company is using an unethical approach to increase their rating.

Customer review on FPA

Customer review on FPA

M15 Signals Conclusion


M15 Signals is not a profitable service as they fail to provide us with conclusive evidence of the performance. The company has a poor rating on Forex Peace Army, which proves the point that they are only looking to scam customers.

  • Price 3/10
  • Strategy 3/10
  • Trading results 3/10
  • Vendor transparency 3/10
  • Customer reviews 4/10
  • Support 5/10

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