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Ganon Forex Robot Review: Is It a Good Investment Decision In 2022?

Ganon Forex Robot

Ganon Forex Robot is a trend-based expert advisor that uses a unique system for identifying the healthiest trend signals. As per the developer, this fully automated software has generated $128,205 in the past 30 days and $495,929 in 2022. Don Steinitz is the developer of this FX robot. He has founded the Forex Robot Trader which promotes all products of the developer including the Ganon FX robot. His other products are Vader, Odin, Reaper, Pterodactyl, and more. The company comprises top-notch programmers skilled in MQL code.

According to the developer, the key features of the FX robot that help it gain an edge over its competitors are:

  • It is a fully automated system with a trend-trading feature.
  • The FX EA uses the Strand Theory developed over six years for identifying the accurate trend signals.
  • Two main trading modes are present namely the hyper mode for high-frequency trading and the normal mode for bigger trades.
  • The software is optimized to work on all currency pairs. It can automatically adjust its settings and levels depending on the currency pair you link it with.
  • Installation is a simple process requiring just a few minutes of your time.
  • The vendor claims that the system has a wide-ranging strategy and reliable performance.
  • You can use the FX robot along with other EAs or supplement it with the manual approach.
  • Traders of all skill levels will find the FX robot easy to use as it is fully automated to trade efficiently.
  • No learning curve is needed with the robot as you need to just upload the software on your charts to boost your trading.
  • The system can work on micro, full-size, and mini lots. It is ideal for use on any account size.

Trading strategies and currency pairs

A new approach called Strand Theory has been designed by the developer for identifying reliable trends. It works by filtering out unwanted noise and fake-outs. Along with the approach, the system uses an innovative ATR trailing stop for boosting profits with each trade. The developer claims that this FX EA can detect the deliberate manipulation of market prices by brokers. No backtests are present to prove the efficacy of the strategy.

Ganon Forex Robot trading statistics

Monthly performance reports are present for the FX EA.  Here is the report for May 2022:

Performance report of Ganon Forex Robot on the official site

Performance report of Ganon Forex Robot on the official site

From the above report, it is clear that the system has generated a total net profit of 99326 for a total of 665 trades. Profitability of 89.47% is present with a 0% drawdown and a profit factor of 10.65. From the results, we find that the risk is minimal and the performance is good. However, the developer does not provide verified trading results to prove the efficacy of the system. We prefer trading results verified by reputed third-party sites like Myfxbook, FXBlue, etc. Without a proven track record, we cannot do a proper evaluation of the expert advisor.

Pricing and refund

You can purchase this FX robot for $79. The price is after a discount of 60% applied on the original price of $199. No other info is present concerning the features you get with the package. The vendor does not provide a refund policy which makes us suspect the reliability of the FX robot. When compared to the average market price of competitor systems, we find the pricing is affordable.

What else you should know about Ganon Forex Robot

User review for the Forex Robot Trader company on the Trustpilot site

User review for the Forex Robot Trader company on the Trustpilot site

Unfortunately, we could not find user feedback for the FX EA on trusted review sites like Forexpeacearmy, Trustpilot, etc. We found 13 reviews for the Forex Robot Trader company on the Trustpilot site. A poor rating of 2.5/5 is present for the company. From the user reviews, we find that users are unhappy with the poor support and dismal performance of the products of the company.

For support, an FAQ section, an online contact form, a support center with helpful guides and information, and a software manager are provided.

Ganon Forex Robot Conclusion


Ganon Forex Robot claims to use an innovative approach to boost profits and minimize losses. The developer does not provide backtesting results or verified trading results for proving the effectiveness of the system. The lack of a money-back guarantee and negative user reviews for the company are other shortcomings in the system that you need to think about before you decide on using this FX robot.

  • Price - 5/10
  • Strategy - 4/10
  • Trading Results - 3/10
  • Vendor Transparency - 4/10
  • Customer Reviews - 3/10
  • Support - 4/10

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