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Forex Real Profit EA Review: Is It a Scam?

Forex Real Profit EA

Forex Real Profit EA is an FX Robot created by professional traders to ensure long-term profits with very low risk. As per the vendor, this FX EA uses technical signals for making entries. There is no info provided concerning the vendor. Other than the domain being registered from 2009 to 2021, there are no details related to the year of foundation, location, phone number, etc. We could not find info on the developer team, their experience, and their expertise. The lack of vendor info raises a red flag for this FX robot.

Features of Forex Real Profit EA

Features of Forex Real Profit EA

According to the info on the official site, the important features of this FX EA are:

  • It uses 6 different approaches for its automated trading method.
  • The robot is compatible with any broker including ECN brokers.
  • Dynamic SL and TP levels are used by the system for boosting the profits.
  • A safety SL value between 50 and 200 pips is present for all the approaches.
  • An optimized risk is used for every strategy based on live trading and backtesting results.
  • The scalping approaches use news filters of high impact type for successful results.
  • Protective features are present to handle large spread and slippage conditions.
  • The system does not use risky methods like recovery mode, Grid, or Martingale.
  • A minimum deposit of $1000 is recommended for optimal performance.

Trading strategies and currency pairs

Based on the info that the vendor provides, this FX Robot uses 6 different methods which include 2 scalping methods for the Asian sessions, one trend scalping method for a full day, 3 breakout methods. The decisions are made using statistical probability and technical assessment. There is no further explanation present for the strategy which raises doubts about the reliability of the EA.

The vendor provides backtests for this FX EA. Here is a backtesting report with testing done from 2003 up to 2021 on the GBPUSD pair using the M15 timeframe.

Backtesting report of Forex Real Profit EA

Backtesting report of Forex Real Profit EA

From the above report, we can see a total net profit of $608167.94 was made for an initial deposit of $500. For a total of 5661 trades, 59.99% profitability was present and the profit factor was 1.29. The maximum drawdown was 19.55%. From the results, it is clear that the profits are not very high showing poor performance. Further, the high drawdown indicates a risky approach.

Forex Real Profit EA trading statistics

A real USD account using the IC Markets broker and leverage of 1:500 on the MT4 platform is present for this FX EA. Screenshots of the results verified by the myfxbook site are shown below:

Growth curve of Forex Real Profit EA

Growth curve of Forex Real Profit EA

Advanced trading stats of Forex Real Profit EA

Advanced trading stats of Forex Real Profit EA

From the above trading stats, we find that the EA has generated a total profit of 717.49% and an absolute profit of 24.77%. A daily and monthly profit of 0.07% and 2.19% are present for the account. The drawdown is 37.56%. For a deposit of $3,834.53, the account that started in 2013 has generated a profit of $949.98. A total of 1718 trades have been executed with 57% profitability and a profit factor of 1.23. The lot sizes used vary from 0.02 to 0.11. The high drawdown and big lot sizes indicate a risky approach. Further, the trading frequency is low and profits are not high.

Pricing and refund

Pricing package of Forex Real Profit EA

Pricing package of Forex Real Profit EA

To purchase this FX EA, you need to pay $199 per year. As per the vendor, the package will provide safe and consistent profits, long-term proven results, continuous improvement, the best support, and a 30- day money-back guarantee. A single live trading account is provided which you can swap for unlimited and free demo accounts.

What else you should know about Forex Real Profit EA

We found one review for this FX Robot on the FPA site. Here is a screenshot of the feedback.

User complaining of poor performance of the EA

User complaining of poor performance of the EA

From the above review, it is clear that the system is performing poorly in real trading and that the user is not satisfied with the EA.

Forex Real Profit EA Conclusion


Forex Real Profit EA boasts of consistent and safe profits. Our assessment of the FX Robot shows the claims are not true. To start with, the vendor does not explain the strategy used. The backtests and real trading results show poor performance and a risky approach. There is a lack of vendor transparency and the price is very expensive. With so many drawbacks, we find this is not a reliable FX Robot.

  • Price - 5/10
  • Strategy – 5/10
  • Trading Results - 4/10
  • Vendor Transparency – 4/10
  • Customer Reviews - 4/10
  • Support - 4/10

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