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Best 5 Polygon Metaverse Coins to Include in Your Own Crypto Fund


Ethereum is the pioneer blockchain technology for the universe. It started the NFT, Metaverse currency, craze and has made its investors tidy money sums. However, Ethereum technology has not evolved fast enough to facilitate the highly dynamic Metaverse universe.

The augmented and virtual reality world, Metaverse, has evolved to require highly scalable platforms with immense processing speeds, which is impossible with Ethereum. It is for this challenge that blockchain technologies such as Polygon solve.

Unlike other blockchains such as Solana built from the ground up, Polygon uses an Ethereum base and then solves the challenges of latency, expensive gas fees, and scalability. The result is a blockchain technology that takes advantage of the already established Ethereum ecosystem and then improves to provide developers with customizable and scalable blockchain networks. This marriage has resulted in Polygon’s primary token, MATIC, returning upwards of 10000% to investors since its launch.

As the Metaverse universe reaches critical mass, these five Polygon Metaverse coins are a great indirect play on ETH and Polygon blockchain technologies.

What are Polygon Metaverse coins?

To understand this, at first, let’s define Polygon blockchain. MATIC blockchain technology is a decentralized scaling solution to the Ethereum blockchain, facilitating the creation of user-friendly DApps at a fraction of the cost and without compromising blockchain security. Therefore, Polygon Metaverse coins refer to the non-fungible tokens used in the Metaverse ecosystems running on this blockchain technology.

Why invest in Polygon Metaverse coins?

Why invest in Polygon and not the more established Ethereum? Because it gives the best of both worlds. Polygon combines the best sovereign blockchains and ETH technologies to give participants a more secure multi-chain system at a relatively affordable cost. With projects that facilitate the adoption of Web 3.0, another technology frontier, it is time to invest in Polygon.

The top 5 Polygon coins to include in your crypto fund 

Ethereum blockchain transforms into an instantaneous high throughput technology through Polygon side chains for almost zero financial charge (gas fees). These are the attributes revolutionizing the next blockchain frontier and the Metaverse universe, strategically placing Polygon-based cryptos and technology on a bullish tailwind. The Polygon Metaverse coins below give you exposure to both the Metaverse universe and the blockchain universe to cash in on this movement.

No. 1. REVV Racing (REVV)

Price: $0.09969

Market capitalization: 27.84 M

REVV chart

REVV chart

A product of Animoca brands, REVV brings speed to the Metaverse universe via REVV racing, MotoGP Ignition, and F1 Delta Time. At its core, this universe provides participants with a play-to-earn ecosystem, with gamers accumulating cryptocurrencies for their contributions. Even better is that cryptos accumulated are monetizable outside of the REVV powered games — working with leading global sports brands such as MotoGP and Formula one, making REVV one of the most popular Polygon Metaverse coins.

REVV currently has a 24-hour trading volume of $3688759. It has a market cap of $27806032, with approximately 278.27 million coins in circulation out of a total available supply of 3 billion coins.

No. 2. Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK)

Price: $0.1375

Market capitalization: $95.54 M

TVK chart

TVK chart

With all the different Metaverse ecosystems, a neutral one that facilitates the exchange of different NFTs is necessary. This need is what the Terra Virtual Kolect ecosystem offers. It is a Polygon-powered platform that offers NFT and collectibles curated services, bringing together VR and AR universes running on the web, mobile, and PC.

Terra’s optimization across device platforms ensures an appeal to different demographics expanding its community base. Collaborative contracts with global powerhouses such as Paramount Pictures and Legendary entertainment show the potential in the digital collectibles market.

TVK currently has a 24-hour trading volume of $11657334. It has a market cap of $95734219, with approximately 695.07 million coins in circulation out of a total available supply of 1.2 billion coins.

No. 3. Aavegothci (GHST)

Price: $2.02

Market capitalization: $127.24 M

GHST chart

GHST chart

Aavegotchi is utilizing the AAVE protocol to run its DeFi focused NFT ecosystem. GHST is avatars with differentiated qualities at the core, used as DeFi collaterals to earn rewards. Through GHST, the Aavegotchi community members participate in DAOs and say how it runs.

GHST currently has a 24-hour trading volume of $27317014. It has a market cap of $127539045, with approximately 62.89 million coins in circulation out of a total available supply of 64.66 million coins.

No. 4. Sunflower Farm (SFF)

Price: $0.01445

Market capitalization: N/A

SFF chart

SFF chart

Sunflower Farm is beta testing after shutting down to deal with a malicious bot introduced by gamers in its first universe. However, having been the most popular Polygon ecosystem with over 400K subscribers, it is worth investing in. In addition, the game data from its pioneer system will be part of the new universe ensuring existing subscribers don’t lose their rewards and NFTs.

SFF currently has a 24-hour trading volume of $44680. As a relaunch in Beta testing, there is no data on the new market capitalization. However, this Metaverse will feature a maximum coin supply of one billion coins, with approximately 1.088 million of these coins having been purchased and already in circulation.

No. 5. Crazy Defense Heroes (TOWER)

Price: $0.02714

Market capitalization: $6.45 M

TOWER chart

TOWER chart

Almost every single facet of our lives currently can be run from the palm of our hands or on the go via mobile devices. The virtual and augmented reality worlds come to the mobile device via Crazy Defense Heroes. It is a mobile-optimized blockchain-based tower defense game running on the Tower ecosystem platform. If other mobile games on the same platform are anything to buy, the Crazy Defense Heroes community should exceed a million subscribers and downloads.

Crazy Defense Heroes is a free-to-play game that allows users via MetaMask wallets to earn TOWER tokens, an ERC-20 crypto token. This game runs on both IOS and Android. With TOWER tokens being utilized across multiple ecosystems, this Polygon Metaverse coin is worth looking at.

TOWER currently has a 24-hour trading volume of $297771. It has a market cap of $6453468, with approximately 237.62 million coins in circulation out of a total available supply of 10 billion coins.

Final thoughts

The Metaverse is changing the way we interact with technology and one another while revolutionizing the 3D virtual environment as we know it. Blockchain technology is at the forefront of this revolution, with Ethereum being a leading beneficiary. Through Polygon blockchain technology, users eliminate the Ethereum inefficiencies while taking advantage of its pioneer status and clientele base. With Polygon as the global leading Ethereum scaling option, the Metaverse coins herein provide a great head start when investing in this field.

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