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Best 5 Crypto Under 1 Cent to Include in Your Own Crypto Fund

VET price chart
VET price chart

One of the hottest trends in technology and investment in the last three years has been blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Except for 2014, the last decade has been bullish for cryptocurrencies, peaking in the last two years as people sort alternative stores of value to traditional commodities. There is no denying that the market participants since the coronavirus have been a tard irrational.

However, irrational investing cannot be the key driver for the cryptocurrency market growth from $826.6 million in 2020 to upwards of $2.3 billion in 2021. One of the greatest critics of this market, JPMorgan, has gone ahead to turn a 360 on this market and acknowledged it as the next frontier.

Therefore, there is no denying that crypto is going mainstream. The major huddle to investors new to the market is that the most popular coins are already priced way above many investment assets. As institutional investors get into the crypto bandwagon, the five coins for less than a penny are on the rise and have the potential to soar.

The 5 best cryptos under a cent for your crypto fund growth and value

Similar to penny stocks, cryptos trading for less than a cent are a high-risk, high-return kind of investment. They are cheap to invest in, but their potential for failure to gain value is also relatively high.

In addition, unlike most penny stocks, penny cryptos, in most cases, have significant market capitalization due to the high number of coins in circulation. This attribute makes sieving between different coins for those starring next to impossible. Nevertheless, the crypto world has shown that coins with the potential for value increment over time run on blockchain technology that is scalable, fast, and cost-efficient. As such, the five coins below have the best potential for value and growth moving forward.

No.1 Dent (DENT)

Price: $0.0024

Market capitalization: $237.73 M

DENT price сhart

DENT price сhart

At present, there are only countable places on the globe without internet connectivity and even less countable that don’t have access to a mobile phone. Dent is a cryptocurrency currently utilized by twenty-five million community members to gain access to eSIM cards, internet connectivity, top-ups, and call limits.

It is said that very soon, if not yet there, the world will be run from the palm of our hands through mobile technology. DENT is the blockchain positioning itself to revolutionize the mobile industry by giving users close control over their mobile usage by only paying for what they utilize in real-time.

DENT currently has a daily trading volume of $37237788, with a circulation coin supply of 99.01 billion. With only 0.99 billion remaining of the 100 billion coins already mined, this supply shortage is already the reason why this coin might be the next diamond in the rough. Add partner deals with Telecom Infra, Samsung blockchain, and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, not to mention availability in over 140 countries, and the roughness becomes a fine gemstone. Created to sort the chronic problem of mobile geographical services, DENT’s objective is to include half of the population locked out by geography and the high cost of mobile services by liberalizing this industry.

No. 2 SHIBA Inu Coin (SHIB)

Price: $0.00003

Market capitalization: $15.20 M

SHIB price chart

SHIB price chart

Meme coins are not the best crypto coins to invest in due to their volatility and susceptibility to the social media grapevine. However, the Shiba Inu coin will be an exception and part of this list. Launched in 2020 by Ryoshi, the “Dogecoin killer” is an elite group of cryptos already in use as accepted means of currency in the retail industry; Newegg electronics.

SHIB has an average daily trading volume at present of $752347222. Given that SHIB coin has an available supply for the trading of 549063.28 billion, investors still have a chance to join this community and make millions as it moves from being just a meme coin and develops its crypto community. Leaning on the history of its nemesis and its recent success, SHIB’s strategy is to go after the social media space to create momentum for its adoption and, as a result, value. Mainstream crypto markets have taken note of the Shibu Inu meme coin, and its listing on both Coinbase and Bitso shows its growth potential and calls for close monitoring of this coin.

No.3 VeChain (VET)

Price: $0.0486

Market capitalization: $3.14 M

VET price chart

VET price chart

Inflation might be driving the recent rise in prices, but supply chain bottlenecks have played their part in the situation. VeChain is a versatile smart contracts platform for enterprises. Through distributed governance and the internet of things, VET creates value along the supply chain by providing secure decentralized multi-layer ecosystems.

At present, VET has a daily trading volume of $273018227, with 64.32 billion of the 86.71 billion mined and capped and the total supply. Intending to disrupt the traditional way of doing businesses, VeChain’s enhanced security and efficiency, transparency in operations, tracking ease, and trustless automation of intelligent contracts make it a well sought out blockchain technology by organizations.

With the ability to bridge the gap between fiat and cryptocurrency without compromising security or anonymity, VeChain has a lot of potentials for investors to create value and growth for their crypto funds.

No.4 Zilliqa (ZIL)

Price: $0.04102

Market capitalization: $504.85 M

ZIL price chart

ZIL price chart

One of the most endearing attributes for cryptocurrencies has been the execution speed for transactions. Zilliqa delivers this speed and more. It is a permissionless blockchain technology that solves the speed and scalability issues by utilizing sharding-multi-layer scaling.

With sharding, this blockchain cryptocurrency aims at being the go-to crypto technology for payments in advertising, entertainment and gaming, and financial services. ZIL has a daily trading volume of $42203703, with 12.31 billion coins already in supply.

The total available supply for trading stands at 15.60 billion, with the maximum cap set at 21 billion coins. ZIL’s high throughput and high rate of transactions provide a competitive hedge to revolutionize the industry, providing an opportunity to make money as it gains more traction.

No.5 BiTorrent (BTT)

Price: $0.0021

Market capitalization: $2.11 B

BTT price chart

BTT price chart

BitTorrent is not new like many in this list, but its blockchain value stream is pretty new. Launched in 2001, it was acquired in 2018 by TRON, and thus this peer-to-peer file sharing and the torrent community began its blockchain journey.

At present, BTT has a daily trading volume of $3597522, with all of its available 990 billion coins for trading already in supply. TRON acquired this peer-to-peer sharing community to disrupt the expensive traditional entertainment industry and incorporated blockchain anonymity and decentralization to increase the community and disrupt more industries.

Despite making the transition to the blockchain world recently, the BTT team has several promising projects in the works; third-party app development communities, fast and secure decentralized data storage, and value exchange solutions.

Final thoughts

Investors are now looking into cryptocurrencies to diversify their portfolios. The problem is most of the most popular cryptos have their prices out of sight. However, with the majority of the growing companies and even traditional blue-chip companies starting to acknowledge and accept cryptocurrency, investors need cheap coins to cash in on the next phase of the evolution of this industry. The five coins above have the intrinsic value to be primary beneficiaries of this evolution, and at less than a cent, quite the bargain for both value and growth.



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