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Agimat Trading System Review: Is It a Reliable System?

Agimat Trading System

Agimat Trading System can work on all types of instruments. It uses a neural network that is connected to the developer feed. The indicator works on P.C. and Smartphones alike. Let us see if using such a trading indicator can help you in your trades.

The indicator has the following features:

  • It has a built-in neural network that allows it to learn as it trades the market
  • It can work on both P.C. and Smartphones
  • It comes with a copy trading option
  • It can work on all types of instruments

How it works

The indicator will work if you follow the following steps:

  • Download the file from the developer after purchasing
  • Place the ex4 or ex5 in the indicator folder at MT 4 or MT 5
  • Enable auto trading and attach the indicator on charts

Trading strategies and currency pairs

The developers don’t disclose the strategy properly. They state that the indicator is based on a neural network that allows it to learn as it trades. It does not repaint itself and provides a proper stop loss and take profit with each position. The trading history on FXBlue shows only a few trades from the year 2019 till the current date. It also displays a strange activity where there are constant deposits and withdrawals. Some trades are closed with a big loss of 40 to 50 pips where the maximum take profit is only a few pips.

Trading history on FXBlue

Trading history on FXBlue

There are no backtesting results available which is a poor approach. Utilizing a trading simulator, it would have been possible to do historical testing.

Agimat Trading System statistics

Verified trading records are available on FXBlue, which shows records from June 03, 2019, till June 11,2021. The robot provided an average monthly gain of 5.0% with a drawdown of 3.9%. During the duration, there were 189 trades. It had a winning rate of 95.2% with a profit factor of 10.51. The best trade was $330.08, while the worst was -$306.26. The average trade duration was 32.2 hours which points towards a swing trading approach.

Trading records on FXBlue

Trading records on FXBlue

Pricing and refund

The indicator is available for an asking price of $197. The developer tries to convince customers by stating that they will provide free copy trading signals on their accounts. There is no money-back guarantee provided.

The price of the EA

The price of the EA

What else should you know about Agimat Trading System?

Customer reviews are available on Forex Peace Army, which gives the company a 3.995 rating for a total of 269 pieces of feedback. A customer states that he is experiencing a high drawdown of 80% using one of the trading robots.

Customer review on FPA

Customer review on FPA

Vendor transparency

The website states that Dennis Bucholz is the indicator developer and founder of F.X. Tech Group Ltd, a software engineering company in Spain and Hongkong. The system was firstly introduced back in 2016, and since then, it has been growing independently based on the neural network. There are no verified CVs to prove the said statements which is a turn-off.

Agimat Trading System Conclusion


Agimat Trading System does not provide satisfactory results. Only a few trades are present on the live account, which does not show the system's actual output. With such fewer executions, it might not be possible for traders to make any profits. The developer is also not transparent about the strategy that adds more concerns over authenticity. It is not recommended to use an indicator like this.

  • Price 6/10
  • Strategy 2/10
  • Trading results 5/10
  • Vendor transparency 4/10
  • Customer reviews 5/10
  • Support 5/10

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