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Zero to Hero FX Signals Review: Is It a Reliable System?

Zero to Hero FX Signals

Zero to Hero FX Signals provides trades with comprehensive trading experience and delivers them through Telegram, email, and SMS. The service comes with multiple subscription packages that start from $95 a month. The lead trader has over 10 years of market experience and wants to help other traders with their trading journey. To see if the trades are profitable for us, we will look at the live records present on FXBlue and deliver a verdict at the end of review.

The signals have the following features:

  • Experienced traders provide trades
  • Outstanding test performance
  • Live records tracked via FXBlue
  • 300 monthly pips target
  • 10 years of total market experience

How it works

The service will work if you follow the steps below:

  • Purchase one of the subscription packages from the website.
  • The developer will add your email to the list of recipients and provide you with the link to the premium Telegram channel.
  • After receiving the trades, you will have to copy them exactly into the trading platform. All the stop losses and take profits must be adhered to.


Trading strategies and currency pairs

The developer does not state anything about their trading strategy and is not clear on the approach towards the markets. To get a good look at the topic, we head over to the records on FXBlue and analyze their trading history. We observe that they trade with a fixed stop loss and take profit mainly in the range of 30 pips. The trades can be closed before they reach a designated exit point. The trades are only executed on EURJPY, AUDUSD, EURUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, and USDJPY.

Trading history

Trading history

There are no backtesting records available on the website that we could use to judge the historical performance of their strategy. This leads us to rely only on the testing present on the FXBlue for determining how they will perform in the future.

Zero to Hero FX Signals statistics

Verified trading records are available on FXBlue that show performance from June 14, 2019, till the current date. The system made an average monthly gain of 9.7%, with a drawdown of 29.3%. The stated drawdown is high regarding the monthly revenue, which means that a single loss at any point can wipe a month’s worth of profits at any time.

The winning rate stood at 56.3%, with a profit factor of 1.24. The best trade was $116.71, while the worst was -$133.91. There were a total of 501 trades. The developer trades on a demo account, which is insufficient to show the actual trading performance. Virtual portfolios do not respect real market conditions such as liquidity and slippage.

Live records

Live records

Pricing and refund

Traders can purchase the service for an asking price of $95 a month. It is also possible to get it for 3, 6, and 12 months for $195, $295, and $395. There is no money-back guarantee with the program.

The price of the EA

The price of the EA

What else you should know about Zero to Hero FX Signals

Customer reviews on Forex Peace Army give the service a total rating of 4.401 for 27 reviews. A trader says that the signals hit the stop loss frequently and that he has stopped following the company after observing a bad risk-reward ratio in trades.

Customer review on FPA

Customer review on FPA

Another trader shares that due to manual copy trading, it is too hard to enter trades. The algorithm used by the company is not good enough for executions.

Customer review on FPA

Customer review on FPA

Zero to Hero FX Signals Conclusion


Zero to Hero Forex signals do not trade on a live account, leaving many suspicions. The developers do not follow an automated copy trading approach. Manually copying trades can introduce latency and, in worse cases, the complete missing of executions. There is also no information present on the strategy.

  • Price 5/10
  • Strategy 6/10
  • Trading results 5/10
  • Vendor transparency 4/10
  • Customer reviews 6/10
  • Support 5/10

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