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Unbiased Profit Trailer Crypto Bot Review

Profit Trailer Crypto Bot

Profit Trailer is an advanced automated crypto trading bot launched on September 8, 2017. It is also an average platform that offers services like trading indicators, alerts, pairing, multiple configurations, and DCA. The system claims to provide auto-integrated strategies created by professional traders. Investors can connect to various exchanges on the bot and try out the free or paid version. This review demonstrates the essential points of Profit Trailer to help investors make investment decisions wisely.


Profit Trailer comes up with the following features:

  • Pairing

The pairing feature gives us an overview of our purchased coins. Traders may also gain knowledge about the coins they should sell to get a profit.

  • Multiple strategies

The bot allows investors to monitor various buy and sell strategies with customizable settings.

  • Dollar-cost averaging (DCA)

DCA can be applied dynamically to purchase a bulk amount of a specific coin. It can be used when a coin’s price drops down the average purchasing price.

Available features on Profit Trailer

Available features on Profit Trailer

How to start with Profit Trailer

Traders have to follow these steps to run the Profit Trailer:

  1. Download the Profit Trailer software on your operating system
  2. Register on the bot using your email address and activate it
  3. Install and customize the settings, and bot trading rules
  4. Profit Trailer starts trading on the trader’s behalf
Registering process on Profit Trailer

Registering process on Profit Trailer

Profit Trailer pricing

Profit Trailer is available in different pricing editions to attract a wide range of various crypto investors. Pricing models are as follows:

  • Paper/free

It is a free version that provides access to crypto exchanges. It comes with two bots, around 40 purchase and sale strategies, and stores three configurations.

  • Signals edition

It is a paid version that costs 30 Euros/month. It has the availability of two bots, three storable configurations, and 40 trading strategies. TV addon and free signals are available for two months in this edition.

  • The basic plan

This plan is priced at 49 Euros/month and comes with a lifetime license for 799 Euros. It has 40 crypto trading strategies and contains all the specifications of signal edition except the availability of two months of free TV addon and free signals. This edition has five storable configurations.

  • Advanced plan

The package is available to traders for 69 Euros/month or a lifetime license for 999 Euros/month. It is equipped with full features and has seven stored configurations.

Pricing packages of Profit Trailer

Pricing packages of Profit Trailer

Minimum first-time deposit requirement

There is no information about the minimum first-time deposit requirement on Profit Trailer. It shows the poor approach of the developers as it keeps investors blind regarding trading privileges.

Withdrawal process

The platform does not have any withdrawal rights. It only has trading access to the funds on your exchange.

Profit Trailer review: user interface

Profit Trailer can be used by investors who can understand technical indicators. Developers state that beginners can learn by watching tutorials. Amateurs can also communicate with the customer support team for help.

Customer feedback

There are only 14 reviews available on Trust Pilot, giving it a rating of 4.1. It shows that only a few people have used the platform as of now. A trader comments that he has been using the platform for many years and is happy with the support from the technical team.

Customer review on TrustPilot

Customer review on TrustPilot

Another trader states that there are no step-by-step guides to developing a custom strategy. Using the platform is a time-consuming process for him.

Customer review on TrustPilot

Customer review on TrustPilot

Profit Trailer team

Profit Trailer was launched on 8th September 2017. There is no access to information about the bots team on the website. The company is located in Curaçao.

Whereabouts of the company

Whereabouts of the company

What exchanges does Profit Trailer support?

The platform can connect to various exchanges such as  Poloniex, Binance US, Oanda  Huobi, Bittrex, Forex, KuCoin, ByBit, etc.

Supported exchanges on Profit Trailer

Supported exchanges on Profit Trailer

Is Profit Trailer secure?

The supported exchanges do not allow third-party apps to withdraw money. VPS  services are included in the pricing packages, which claim to add a layer of security.

Is it a regulated crypto trading platform?

As Profit Trailer is a crypto bot, it does not need to be regulated by any authority.

Profit Trailer Crypto Bot


Profit Trailer lacks proper functionality, support, and simplicity of usage. It lacks proper disclosure of live or backtesting records. There is also no information present on the real developers of the platform. Customer support is available through limited channels.

  • Multiple subscription plan
  • High pricing models
  • No step-by-step guide to developing strategies
  • There is no money-back guarantee
  • No information about the team

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