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Tiburon EA Review: Is It a Reliable System?

Tiburon EA

Tiburon EA is a user-friendly system that does not require any special skill to install and use. According to the vendor, the tool shows solid backtest and live performance. However, she includes a disclaimer in the presentation. As such, she advises users to be aware of Forex trading risks prior to purchasing the EA.

Elizaveta Erokhina is the author of this robot. Her professional qualifications and trading experience are unknown. However, she has developed other trading tools such as Candle Banker, Honest Gold, and Level Wizard EA.

The main features of the EA are:

  • It utilizes a dynamic take profit feature.
  • It is compatible with any broker.
  • ECN is the recommended broker.
  • The system uses the H1 timeframe.
  • The recommended deposit is $3000.

Trading strategies and currency pairs

Tiburon EA is mainly designed to trade on the EURUSD currency pair. The system relies on several indicators to trade. These include RSI (Relative Strength Indicator), Stochastic Oscillator, and the vendor’s custom indicator. To determine appropriate entry points, the system captures the overbought and oversold zones. At the same time, it applies the stochastic and the author’s indicator to spot possible price movements at certain levels. By using these indicators together, Tiburon is able to get rid of false signals.

Backtest results

Backtest results

As you can see in the above chart, Tiburon’s strategy was tested on the H1 timeframe between January 2005 and August 2021. Out of the 10908 trades carried out, 74.34% of them were profitable. As a result, a total net profit of $41175.74 was made. At the same time, the robot generated a high relative drawdown (34.83%). What this means is that the system’s trading risks increased with time. There was an average profit trade of $6.81 and an average loss trade of -$5.01 with a profit factor of 3.94.

Tiburon EA trading statistics

We could not find verified live trading results for this EA on Myfxbook. So, let’s just look at the data Elizaveta has provided us with.

Trading stats

Trading stats

This account was activated in August 2021 and deposited at $3000. To date, the EA has generated a profit of $1137.95 for it. This is equal to a growth rate of 37.93%. About 16 trades are completed weekly, and so far, the drawdown is 7.9%. Obviously, the robot has been engaging in safe trades.

Trading performance

Trading performance

On average, the account grows by 5.08% monthly. A profitability rate of 70.46% has been attained from 281 trades. The loss rate is much lower — 29.54%. The profit factor, which is 5.73, indicates that the robot generates more profits for the account compared to losses. The best trade made a profit of $121.50, while the worst one caused a loss of -$15.56.

Pricing and refund

Pricing plans

Pricing plans

Tiburon EA has 2 main pricing options. We have a lifetime license that goes for $299 and a renting offer that requires you to pay $100 to trade with the robot for a month. The vendor does not provide a money-back guarantee, though.

What else you should know about Tiburon EA

We found one review for this robot on mql5. The client describes Tiburon as a stable and consistent EA that was able to trade through high-impact news and made profits. Even then, we need more reviews to see if other customers feel the same way or have a contrary opinion.

Customer review

Customer review

Tiburon EA Conclusion


The vendor explains the EA’s strategy and supplies us with the backtest data to show us its past performance. However, the available live trading stats are not verified. So, we cannot rely on the outcomes because we don’t know if they are credible or not.

  • Price-6/10
  • Strategy-5/10
  • Trading results-5/10
  • Vendor transparency-5/10
  • Customer reviews-4/10
  • Support-4/10

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