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Belkaglazer EA Review: Is It a Good Investment Decision In 2022?

Belkaglazer EA

Belkaglazer EA is a trading advisor that has been working on the real account for five years. The dev sets an insane price of $20K for his robot. The developer uses a stolen photo of Elon Musk in his profile.

The developer’s profile on MQL5

The developer’s profile on MQL5

We have Dmitriy Shal as a developer who designed the robot. He’s from Russia and he has over seven years of trading experience. There are four products in his portfolio. The system mentioned only two reviews that formed a 4 rate. For the asking price we would like to see more transparency from the vendor.

We systemized all information about the system and how it’s going to survive on the market. It should help you to form a vision and opinion about the system.

  • The system was designed five years ago to help traders with automatic orders execution.
  • We can work with FOREX, FORTS, Crypto, and Indices.
  • It is designed for professional algorithmic traders.
  • There are four models applied behind it: PriceChannel, Pivot, PriceAction, and PRNG.
  • It is able to work with momentum, breakout, counter-trend, mean-reversion, scalping, and other strategies.
  • It supports limit, stop, and market orders.
  • The system is available for trading on 4 and 5-digit quotes.
  • There’s an advanced news filter applied.
  • It detects GMT Offset automatically.
  • The advisor doesn’t work with Martingale, Grid, Hedge and other risky strategies.
  • The system was tested on 99,9% of the modeling quality.
  • It can have some bad results from time to time.
  • We can get various set files.
  • We can buy the system only here.
  • There are some settings explanations provided.
  • We should use it on a VPS server.
  • It places proper SL and TP levels for us.

Trading strategies and currency pairs

  • The advisor works with momentum, breakout, counter-trend, mean-reversion, scalping strategies.
  • There are no details written about cross pairs.
  • We don’t know time frames to trade on.
Belkaglazer EA backtests

Belkaglazer EA backtests

The advisor was tested on EURUSD on the M30 time frame. We don’t know if those settings are default for the robot. The data period was 16 years. The profit factor was 1.90. There were 490 deals traded. The win rate for short trading positions was 62.13% when for long ones it was 60.78%.

Belkaglazer EA trading statistics

Belkaglazer EA live trading results on Myfxbook

Belkaglazer EA live trading results on Myfxbook

The advisor has been running a real USD account on IC Markets automatically. The leverage was 1:500 when the platform was MT4. The account has a verified track record. It was created many years ago on October 30, 2017, and deposited at $120. Since then, the total gain has become 125.45%. An average monthly gain is 1.54%. The maximum drawdown is 41.62%. We have seventeen people tracking this trading account.

Belkaglazer EA statistics

Belkaglazer EA statistics

There were 983 deals performed and 799.2 pips obtained. An average win is 7.47 pips when an average loss is -14.06 pips. The win rate for longs is 63% when for shorts it’s 75%. An average trade length is 2 hours and 3 minutes. The profit factor is 1.09.

Belkaglazer EA directions

Belkaglazer EA directions

The advisor couldn’t manage to be profitable in the long direction.

Belkaglazer EA closed orders

Belkaglazer EA closed orders

The system works with consistently high SL levels that sets the account at high risks.

Belkaglazer EA monthly profitability

Belkaglazer EA monthly profitability

The robot lost February and it’s going to lose March 2022 too.

Pricing and refund

Belkaglazer EA pricing on MQL5

Belkaglazer EA pricing on MQL5

The advisor costs $19,999 and a demo copy of the system was downloaded 8214 times. There are no rental options available. There’s no single reason to set the price like this.

What else you should know about Belkaglazer EA

The robot can not survive on the market. The last two years the system has been losing money.

Belkaglazer EA Conclusion


Belkaglazer EA doesn’t look like a system that should be used in 2022. The presentation is informative, but trading results look horrible. It seems to us that the developer didn’t want to update the advisor to fit the market conditions.

  • Price - 2/10
  • Strategy - 2/10
  • Trading Results - 3/10
  • Vendor Transparency - 2/10
  • Customer Reviews - 2/10
  • Support - 2/10

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