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Best 5 Metaverse Coins For Staking to Include in Your Own Crypto Fund


At its core, the Metaverse is an ever-growing income-generating digital treasury, and currencies are created, increasing participants purchasing power irrespective of the market conditions.

However, most of these Metaverse coins and cryptos aren’t true stores of value since they are susceptible to manipulation, which leads to market crashes. How do you achieve a trues store of value with decentralized blockchain technology?

This stable coin increases in value over time and is only susceptible to market forces of supply and demand and inflation? Staking is the answer. With the world governments recognizing cryptos and looking not only for a way to regulate them but launch a central bank digital currency, staking brings stability, and the five Metaverse coins below give investors a chance at phenomenal returns.

What is staking, and how does it work?

To most people, staking earns you interest in some cryptocurrencies. The truth is that staking is a little more complex. To understand why we should invest in stackable Metaverse coins, we first need to understand staking technology.

Crypto coins that use staking are blockchain technologies that utilize the proof of stake protocol, decentralized security, and transaction verification protocol via a consensus mechanism. By being part of this protocol, staked coins form a pool and earn rewards, similar to having a savings account that accrues interest.

Why invest in stackable Metaverse coins?

Apart from earning rewards in different crypto for staked Metaverse coins, holders can make the crypto space more secure. In addition, they are staking results in governance tokens, which gives a holder a say in running a particular blockchain protocol. The transparency and traceability that comes with staking have the highest potential to be the building block for governmental regulation of the cryptocurrency space hence worth monitoring closely.

The best 5 Metaverse coins for staking to include in your crypto fund 

The world billionaires agree that you have to find a way for your wealth and money to work for you to attain financial freedom. In the crypto space, staking of coins is putting them to work, and in return, your crypto fund grows exponentially via a passive income source. With the next tech frontier being the Metaverse, the following digital coins utilizing staking have the most significant rewards potential in 2022.

No.1. Star Atlas (ATLAS)

Price: $0.02974

Market capitalization: $64.23 M

ATLAS chart

ATLAS chart

One of the blockchain technologies taking on the conventional crypto space is Solana technology. One of the cheapest and fastest transaction processing blockchain technology allows staking. Among Solana’s Metaverse projects, Star Atlas brings together the most popular galaxy-based games and movies and provides an immersive strategy-based space exploration gaming experience. Combine this with unreal cinematic quality and real-time environments and what you have is a gaming platform that provides seamless integration between different gaming genres.

ATLAS participants accrue in-game wealth and participate in in-game mining to exchange the currency of choice in the real world. The staking of ATLAS provides for an avenue to conquer stars and planets and amplify an NFT wealth that is cashable as hard currency in the real world. This Metaverse coin has a daily trading volume of $8.89 million, with a market cap of $64.21 million. At present, 2.16 billion ATLAS coins are in circulation, of the 36 billion available coins for trading.


Price: $2.35

Market capitalization: $187.62 M

MBOX chart

MBOX chart

MOBOX ecosystem utilizes the Binance Smart Chain technology, building a bridge between traditional blockchain technologies such as Ethereum, facilitating faster speeds and reduced costs. It couples gaming NFTs with DeFi yield farming. MOBOX ecosystem participants can mine NFTs, trade-in NFTs through its marketplace, and stake MBOX coins for enhanced returns. At present, this ecosystem provides participants with a DAO token to ensure they have a say in how the universe runs.

MBOX is quite popular with Binance investors and, at present, has a 24-hour trading volume of $57.08 million. It has a market cap of $187.51 million, with approximately 79.85 million coins in circulation out of a total available supply of 389.18 million coins.

No.3. REVV Racing (REVV)

Price: $0.09498

Market capitalization: 26.46 M

REVV chart

REVV chart

Animoca brands bring speed to the Metaverse through its REVV Metaverse coin. The default coin of three Metaverse games is REVV racing, MotoGP Ignition, and F1 Delta Time. This ecosystem provides gamers with a play-to-earn speed universe, with accrued cryptos monetizable in the real world.

It allows for staking through PancakeSwap, a decentralized exchange and automated market maker running on Binance smart chain. Collaborative contracts with established global sports brands such as MotoGP and Formula one make REVV one of the most popular Metaverse coins to utilize staking.

REVV currently has a 24-hour trading volume of $9.31 million. It has a market cap of $26.49 million, with approximately 278.27 million coins in circulation out of a total available supply of 3 billion coins.

No.4. Solana (SOL)

Price: $91.88

Market capitalization: $29.15 B

SOL chart

SOL chart

Solana is a reasonably new entrant in the blockchain technology space. However, its technology allows for breakneck processing speeds at relatively low costs resulting in it being dubbed the “Ethereum Killer.” In 2021 alone, Solana Metaverse coin, SOL, gained upwards of 12000%, resulting in phenomenal returns for its investors. Solana community will continue to grow as long as it is the cheapest and fastest blockchain technology, allowing staking. Couple proof of stake to proof of history and this ecosystem allows significant scalability,  and the resulting usability is a DeFi developer’s goldmine in 2022.

SOL currently has a 24-hour trading volume of $2.37 billion. It has a market cap of $29.15 billion, with approximately 317.29 million coins in circulation out of a total available supply of 511.62 million coins.

No.5. Smartlands (SLT)

Price: $1.02

Market capitalization: $5.21 M

SLT chart

SLT chart

Smartland ecosystem is still in its Beta testing stage but has already finalized staking testing, a resounding success. This ecosystem offers participants a chance to invest in digital shares of tokenized real estate on the Stellar network. In addition to digital real estate, this ecosystem hopes to digitize SMEs and tokenize their shares.

SLT is not yet available to trade but has a market cap valuation of $5.23 million, with 7.19 million coins available for trading.

Final thoughts

Staking provides an avenue for Metaverse coin holders to make their ecosystem safer while getting rewards for their efforts. However, investors should invest in stablecoins to avoid staking rewards and interest eroding due to unforeseen volatility. The coins above provide a stable way to gain exposure to the Metaverse universe and the advantages of crypto staking.

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