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Valkyrie Eyes Bitcoin Miner ETF Listing


Asset management firm Valkyrie Investments is seeking to list an exchange-traded fund tracking Bitcoin mining firms on Nasdaq, based on a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Valkyrie Bitcoin Miners ETF will have 80% of net assets in securities of firms that generate at least half of their revenue or profits from Bitcoin mining operations and from providing services to firms engaged in Bitcoin mining.

The fund will not have any direct holdings in Bitcoin, or indirectly through using derivatives or through investments in funds or trusts that hold the digital token. Valkyrie Funds will serve as an investment adviser and Vident Investment as a sub-adviser.

The ETF will have a management fee of 0.75% and incorporate both US and non-US companies, including some in emerging market countries. Investors may pay other fees such as brokerage commissions and other fees to financial intermediaries.

The Valkyrie Bitcoin Miners ETF will have a similar composition to VanEck, which filed to launch a mining fund in December. XBTF is up 4.24%, while BTC is up 4.67%.


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