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NATO Members Looking Into Collective Action Against Russia

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Member states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization could possibly push for the collective action of member states after Russia’s offensive attack on Ukraine, CNN reported.

RUSL is down 50.11% premarket, while RTSI is down 35.83%.

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland have invoked NATO Article 4, which would start discussions that would lead to consultations regarding collective action among its 30 member states.

NATO Article 4 has been triggered six times since the group was established in 1949, two of which involved the deployment of military aid and the launch of Patriot missile batteries and air missiles, in 2003 and 2012.

The latest trigger of Article 4 was by Turkey in February 2020, after a number of its troops were killed in an offensive by Syrian government forces in areas controlled by the opposition.

NATO Article 5 has yet to be invoked, which involves the group’s declaration that an attack against one of its members is regarded as an attack against all its member states.


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