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Google to Cut Back on Roles in Recruiting Department


Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., has announced plans to reduce the size of its recruiting department. While the company continues to invest in top engineering and technical talent, it also aims to slow down the overall hiring process. As a result, the volume of requests for recruiters has decreased.

In order to maintain efficient operations, Google has made the difficult decision to downsize its recruiting team. The company will be notifying affected employees about these changes.

While a few hundred members of the recruiting team will be impacted by the cuts, the majority of the team will remain at Google. It’s important to note that these layoffs do not indicate further cutbacks across the company.

Earlier this year, Google and other tech companies underwent extensive layoffs to streamline operations and respond to investor demands. CEO Sundar Pichai mentioned during Alphabet’s last earnings call that the company was focused on slowing expense growth and aligning teams to their highest priorities. As part of this effort, Google reallocated some teams, leading to layoffs in Waze’s ad sales division.

Although the tech industry has been cautious about expanding headcount, there is high demand for AI-related jobs. Companies like Netflix and Apple have posted lucrative positions in this field.

  • More than 234,000 global tech workers have lost their jobs so far this year.
  • After a wave of layoffs, tech is hiring for AI jobs.

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