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Bitwise Rolls Out Crypto Index Fund Excluding Bitcoin

symbol of bitcoin

Crypto asset manager Bitwise Asset Management on Friday unveiled its new index fund that centers on nine initial cryptocurrencies excluding Bitcoin, according to a statement.

The Bitwise 10 ex Bitcoin Crypto Index Fund tracks the Bitwise ex Bitcoin Large Cap Crypto Index, which gives investors exposure to digital tokens beyond Bitcoin, given its declining share of the total market capitalization of the crypto economy.

The assets held in the fund have a market capitalization ranging from $8 billion to $427 billion, with much of them being integral in ecosystems involving decentralized finance, smart contracts, and non-fungible tokens.

Ethereum was the largest constituent, accounting for 68.53%, followed by Cardano with 15.42%, Solana with 5.48%, Bitcoin Cash with 2.09%, and Chainlink with 2.08%. Other holdings include Litecoin accounting for 1.97%, Uniswap with 1.50%, Polygon with 1.50%, and Stellar with 1.40%.

The fund is offered to accredited investors as a private placement. It comes either as Investor Shares with a $25,000 minimum and 2.5% expense ratio or Institutional Shares with a $1 million minimum and 2.0% expense ratio. Neither one charges a performance fee.

The assets are subject to screening on liquidity, custody, and regulatory risks and are held with Coinbase Custody Trust Company LLC. ETH is down 4.42%, ADA down 5.51%, SOL down 13.09%, BCH down 2.95%, LINK down 2.81%, LTC down 2.91%, UNI3 down 5.97%, MATIC up 1.60%, XLM down 1.72%, and BTC down 2.29%.

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