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Why Graticule Is Betting on Emerging Markets and Value Stocks

Adam Levinson, co-chief investment officer of global macro funds at Fortress Investment

Graticule Asset Management Asia is taking a bearish bet on assets that have outperformed in the past 10 years, Bloomberg reported.

Chief Investment Officer Adam Levinson believes investors should take advantage of emerging markets and value stocks that have been ”left for dead” in the past decade, which are more promising for returns.

Levinson said the asset manager’s portfolio is basically the “anti-portfolio” of the top stocks in the past 10 decades, with investments in value markets such as Japan or Europe, along with emerging markets.

Levinson noted cheap domestic franchises in other countries that can not be manufactured in the market at prices close to where they trade, with value stocks cheaper because they have been left in the past 10 years.

Graticule has also invested in Chinese oil field and service firms, amid the rivalry with the United States which will prevent US firms from scoring new contracts from Beijing.

The official said the market is currently in a long-term inflationary paradigm, moving toward green energy, as indicated by demographics and other factors.

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