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Warren Buffett Believes Unpredictability From COVID-19 Is Not Over Yet

Warren Buffett Believes Unpredictability From COVID-19 Is Not Over Yet

Billionaire and philanthropist Warren Buffett believes the unpredictability brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic will continue, with small businesses hit the hardest, CNBC reported.

Buffett said the impact of the pandemic has been “extremely uneven,” with as much as millions of small businesses hurt. But, at the same time, the majority of the large companies were primarily left unscathed.

Buffett believes it has worked out better than anticipated for most people and businesses, but the uncertainty is not over yet.

The investor noted that another pandemic is bound to happen as he cited nuclear, chemical, biological, and cyber threats, which could have “terrible” possibilities.

Buffett said the biggest lesson from the pandemic was that it was bound to occur, and it wasn’t the worst one imaginable. He said society has a “terrible time” preparing for remote but possible scenarios that will happen sooner or later.

Buffett noted that there should be a balance in enjoying a better life in the future without screwing it up.

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