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VFW Demands Apology from President Trump for Dismissing Severity of Military Injuries


The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), an influential veterans group, has recently expressed its dissatisfaction with President Donald Trump’s response to the reported injuries sustained by 34 U.S. military service members during an Iranian retaliatory strike on an Iraqi base. The VFW is calling on President Trump to issue an apology for downplaying the severity of these injuries.

According to a statement released on Friday, William “Doc” Schmitz, the national commander of the VFW, emphasized the importance of an apology from the president to the brave men and women serving in the military. The VFW, with its 1.6 million members, believes that President Trump’s remarks have been misguided and require redress.

Furthermore, the VFW urges the White House to collaborate with them in raising awareness about the grave consequences of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) on these heroic individuals as they continue to protect our nation in this challenging environment. They stress that our warriors deserve unwavering support, particularly during these trying times.

Together, let us stand with the VFW in advocating for a sincere apology from President Trump and in providing the necessary education on the impact of TBI on our courageous servicemen and servicewomen.


In the wake of the Iranian missile attack on Jan. 8, targeting an Iraqi military installation housing U.S. troops, tensions escalated following the U.S.’s targeted killing of Qassem Soleimani, a prominent Iranian military leader, just five days earlier. While President Trump initially asserted that there were no U.S. casualties, the Pentagon later revealed that 34 service members had been diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries resulting from the attack.

President Trump’s Remarks

During a press conference in Davos, Switzerland, President Trump addressed questions regarding the severity of the troops’ injuries. According to a White House transcript, he referred to them as “headaches, and a couple of other things,” downplaying their significance in comparison to other war-related injuries. Previously, it had been reported that 11 service members were airlifted to Germany and Kuwait for medical treatment.

VFW’s Annual Convention

Notably, President Trump delivered a speech at the VFW’s annual convention held in July 2018, which took place in Kansas City, MO – the headquarters of the organization. With 6,000 posts worldwide, the VFW remains dedicated to serving military personnel and veterans.

Traumatic Brain Injury: A Serious Injury that Demands Attention

The Impact of TBI

Traumatic Brain Injury can be a life-altering event, significantly affecting the victims’ physical and mental well-being. The effects of TBI can manifest in various ways, making it crucial to comprehend the gravity of the issue.

Depression: A Psychological Toll

One of the grave repercussions of TBI is the onset of depression. It can leave a deep impact on an individual’s emotional state, considerably dampening their quality of life. Recognizing the signs and seeking appropriate support is imperative to address this aspect of TBI.

Memory Loss: A Fragmented Reality

TBI often results in memory loss, making it challenging for individuals to recall everyday events or important details from their past. This cognitive impairment can significantly disrupt daily functioning and personal relationships. Understanding the complexities surrounding memory loss is essential to provide effective care and support for those affected by TBI.

Severe Headaches: The Unrelenting Pain

Headaches following TBI can become an excruciating ordeal for the sufferers. These intense headaches can persist for extended periods, negatively impacting their ability to carry out daily tasks. Exploring efficient pain management strategies is crucial to alleviate the suffering caused by these debilitating headaches.

Dizziness and Fatigue: The Persistent Burden

TBI commonly leads to bouts of dizziness and chronic fatigue. These physical symptoms can severely limit an individual’s ability to perform basic activities and hinder their overall quality of life. Recognizing the profound impact of dizziness and fatigue is paramount in devising appropriate strategies to manage and alleviate these burdensome effects.


In conclusion, Traumatic Brain Injury demands our utmost attention due to the detrimental consequences it inflicts on individuals. The associated effects, such as depression, memory loss, severe headaches, dizziness, and fatigue, pose significant challenges in the lives of those affected by TBI. By better understanding these effects and implementing effective support systems, we can strive towards improving the lives of TBI survivors and promoting greater awareness of this serious injury.

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