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TransAlta Q4 2023 Financial Report


TransAlta’s recent financial report for the final quarter of 2023 reflected a reduced loss compared to the previous year. Despite a decrease in revenue due to milder weather conditions, the company managed to offset this impact through gains on asset sales, lower income tax expenses, and a decline in depreciation and amortization.

Financial Overview

  • Fourth-quarter net loss amounted to 84 million Canadian dollars ($62.3 million), or C$0.27 per share, a notable improvement from the loss of C$163 million, or C$0.61 per share, in the same period the previous year.
  • Revenue experienced a 27% decline, totaling C$624 million.

Adjusted Ebitda and Production

  • Adjusted Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (Ebitda) decreased to C$289 million from C$541 million, mainly due to lower hydro-electricity earnings attributed to decreased merchant and ancillary prices in Alberta. Additionally, earnings from gas, wind, and solar sources also saw declines.
  • Total production for the latest quarter dropped to 5,783 gigawatts hours from 6,005 gigawatts the previous year.

Future Investments

  • With ambitious plans for growth, TransAlta aims to invest C$3.5 billion by 2028 to add up to 1.75 gigawatts of new capacity through construction or asset acquisition endeavors.

This strategic move positions TransAlta for potential growth opportunities in the dynamic energy sector.

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