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Southwest Airlines Partners with LanzaJet for Sustainable Aviation Fuel


Southwest Airlines has announced a significant $30 million investment in LanzaJet, a leading producer of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). LanzaJet is renowned for its groundbreaking ethanol-to-SAF commercial plant, setting new standards in eco-friendly aviation solutions.

Collaboration for Future Growth

Under this partnership, LanzaJet will spearhead the development of a state-of-the-art SAF production facility in the United States, with Southwest Airlines as the primary SAF purchaser. Additionally, LanzaJet will extend its support to Southwest in advancing the technology of SAFFiRE Renewables, a pioneering corn-stover-to-ethanol company in which Southwest Airlines holds a strategic investment.

Driving Innovation and Sustainability

The upcoming facility by LanzaJet will pave the way for the conversion of SAFFiRE’s cellulosic ethanol into sustainable aviation fuel, enhancing Southwest Airlines’ commitment to environmental sustainability. To further bolster its sustainability initiatives, Southwest has established Southwest Airlines Renewable Ventures, a specialized subsidiary focused on expanding the airline’s access to scalable SAF solutions.

Strategic Partnerships for a Greener Future

Southwest Airlines remains dedicated to collaborating with SAF producers through offtake agreements while leveraging SARV to manage its SAF-related investments effectively. Notably, Southwest’s equity investment in SAFFiRE underscores the airline’s commitment to fostering cutting-edge technologies for sustainable air travel.

Harnessing Advanced Technology for Ethical Practices

SAFFiRE’s collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory underscores its dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technology for producing cellulosic ethanol from corn stover. This ethanol can be further converted into high-quality SAF using LanzaJet’s sophisticated technology, marking a significant stride towards greener aviation practices.

Southwest Airlines’ visionary partnership with LanzaJet signifies a firm commitment to pioneering sustainable solutions and shaping a more environmentally conscious future for the aviation industry.

Southwest Invests in Sustainable Aviation Fuel

SAFFiRE Chief Technology Officer Mark Yancey announced plans to build a cellulosic ethanol pilot plant at Conestoga Energy’s Arkalon Energy ethanol facility in Liberal, Kansas. Southwest Airlines is aiming to replace 10% of its jet fuel consumption with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) by 2030. CEO Bob Jordan emphasized the airline’s commitment to securing affordable SAF as part of their goal to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

LanzaJet Leads the Way

The inauguration of LanzaJet Freedom Pines Fuels in Georgia marked a significant milestone as the world’s first commercial-scale ethanol-to-SAF plant. LanzaJet aims to produce 1 billion gallons of SAF by 2030, utilizing innovative techniques and technologies to scale up production. Southwest Airlines has joined other investors like British Airways, LanzaTech, Mitsui & Co., Shell, and Suncor Energy in supporting LanzaJet’s efforts.

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