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Nikki Haley Wins D.C. Primary


Nikki Haley secured her first victory of the 2024 campaign by winning the Republican primary in the District of Columbia, breaking Donald Trump’s winning streak momentarily. The former president, however, is expected to gather more delegates in the upcoming Super Tuesday races this week.

Commitment to Stay in the Race

Despite facing initial setbacks, Haley expressed her commitment to stay in the race through the upcoming contests. She refrained from predicting victories in specific primaries but stressed the importance of providing voters with an alternative to Trump’s dominance in the campaign so far.

The Associated Press declared Haley the winner following the release of results by D.C. Republican Party officials. Despite Washington being predominantly Democratic, Haley’s victory showcased her appeal among the limited number of registered Republicans in the city.

Rallying Support in D.C.

Nikki Haley’s Distinctive Campaign Strategy

During a recent rally, as Nikki Haley delivered her typical campaign speech critiquing Trump for contributing to the federal deficit, one attendee loudly proclaimed, “He cannot win a general election. It’s madness.” Agreeing with the sentiment, Haley asserts that she can prevent Biden from securing a second term, whereas Trump would struggle in the general election.

Appeal to Moderates

Despite her conservative platform, Haley has gained traction among moderate and independent-leaning voters. In South Carolina’s GOP primary, 40% of Haley supporters described themselves as moderates, in contrast to only 15% of Trump supporters, according to AP VoteCast. Conversely, 80% of Trump supporters identified as conservatives, while approximately half of Haley’s base shared that view.

Previous Electoral Performances

In the past, Trump faced challenges in certain Republican primaries. In the 2020 race, he claimed an uncontested victory in the D.C. primary, but four years earlier, he placed third behind Marco Rubio and John Kasich. Notably, Rubio’s win was among the few victories he secured during his unsuccessful 2016 campaign. Additionally, more centrist Republicans like Mitt Romney and John McCain emerged victorious in the city’s primaries in 2012 and 2008 en route to securing the GOP nomination.

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