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Former President Trump to Speak at Auto-Parts Maker in Michigan


Former President Donald Trump is set to make a speech on Wednesday at a non-union auto-parts maker in Michigan. This comes just a day after President Joe Biden showed his support for striking United Auto Workers members in the battleground state.

President Biden’s move to join the picket line in Belleville, Mich. was unprecedented for a sitting president. He spoke directly to the striking General Motors workers and expressed his belief that they “deserve a significant raise.” However, Trump responded with a statement criticizing Biden’s Electric Vehicle mandate, claiming that it would harm the U.S. auto industry and result in job losses for countless autoworkers.

Details about Trump’s visit to Drake Enterprises have not been released by his campaign, but reports suggest that he plans to meet with various workers, including plumbers, pipe-fitters, electricians, and autoworkers. He will also deliver a prime-time speech to current and former union members.

Drake Enterprises, the hosting company, is a non-union manufacturer according to Michigan Advance. They confirmed on their Facebook page that Trump will be visiting on Wednesday. They view this as an opportunity to boost recognition for their company and expand their product lines while also pursuing the American Dream of growth and success.

UAW Denies Contact Between Trump Campaign and Union Members

According to sources from the United Auto Workers (UAW), there has been no contact between Donald Trump’s campaign and UAW members. The union also clarified that they did not invite Trump and do not view his scheduled visit to Michigan as a show of support for striking auto workers.

In response to these claims, a spokesperson from the Trump campaign stated, “I don’t think they can dictate who their members meet with.”

UAW President Shawn Fain emphasized the union’s focus on combating economic inequality in a statement regarding Trump’s reported visit: “Our union is committed to fighting against the billionaire class and an economy that prioritizes the enrichment of individuals like Donald Trump over the well-being of workers.”

In related news, the UAW plans to release a video discussing the closure of the GM Lordstown plant in Ohio, which led to significant job losses for UAW members in recent years. The video will highlight Trump’s inability to prevent auto-plant closures during his presidency.

Currently, thousands of auto workers from Ford Motor, Stellantis, and GM continue their strike, which started at three manufacturing plants and has now extended to 38 parts-fulfillment centers across 20 states.

For further insight, read about the United Auto Workers’ ongoing fight to eliminate a two-tier system for wages and benefits.

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