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The Rise and Fall of “Glassholes”


Tech writers just can’t resist stirring up memories of the infamous “Glassholes.” This term, which mercilessly mocked those brave enough to sport Google Glass, has become etched in our collective memory. And now, with the unveiling of Intel’s latest endeavor – the “smart glasses” called Vaunt – the media is at it again. Popular Mechanics even went so far as to compare them with Google’s creation, but rest assured, they are “way less ugly and stupid.”

According to Itai Vonshak, head of products for Intel’s New Devices Group, head-worn devices hold thrilling potential. However, convincing consumers to embrace them is not an easy task. Placing something on their heads carries a weighty significance – it becomes a statement about their personality.

“Wearable technology” encompasses an array of devices, ranging from watches and fitness bands to sensor-equipped bras and shoes, as well as headphones, among others. IDC predicts a substantial growth in wearable shipments in the next five years. However, products like Vaunt are not expected to be a major player in this expanding market.

The Revolutionary Technology Behind Intel’s Vaunt Glasses

Intel is revolutionizing the way we perceive wearable technology with their latest invention: Vaunt glasses. These glasses are designed to be both practical and stylish, providing users with a stream of information right before their eyes. Here’s a closer look at how Intel is achieving this groundbreaking feat:

Projected Information on Your Retina

With Vaunt glasses, the information you need is seamlessly displayed right onto your retina. Using a low-powered laser, this technology creates an immersive experience without obstructing your field of vision. The result? A stream of relevant data that feels like it’s projected onto a screen.

Familiar and Functional

Vaunt glasses operate in a way that feels familiar to users. Similar to smartwatches and Fitbits, these glasses offload most of the heavy lifting to your smartphone. This means that Vaunt works seamlessly with both iPhones and Android devices. Additionally, integration with voice assistants will be available in the future, making interactions even more effortless.

Sleek and Stylish Design

If you’ve been hesitant to embrace wearable technology due to its bulky appearance, Vaunt glasses offer a refreshing change. With a sleek and modern design, they resemble regular black glasses, making them an attractive option for those who prioritize style.

Empowering Developers

To fully unlock the potential of Vaunt glasses, Intel is inviting developers to create innovative applications that leverage the capabilities of this technology. By providing access to their platform, Intel is encouraging others to push the boundaries of what Vaunt can do. This collaborative effort promises exciting advancements in the near future.

Intel’s Vaunt glasses are set to revolutionize wearable technology. With their seamless information projection, familiar functionality, stylish design, and developer empowerment, these glasses are bringing us one step closer to a truly connected world.

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