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Tesla Stock Price to be up to $2,500 on the Revenue Expectations, Analysts Predict 


Stocks of American carmaker Tesla Inc. have moved upward back into the “buy zone,” SeekingAlpha reported.

Loup Ventures expects Tesla’s gross margins to move similar to Apple margins in three to five years, based on its growth in manufacturing efficiency, high-margin subscription growth, and the expected lower battery costs moving forward.

Loup expects Tesla revenues to hit $400 billion by 2027, significantly higher than the Wall Street consensus of $274.2 billion. It has set a Tesla price target of $2,500 based on its revenue expectations.

Analysts believe Tesla could also benefit from the electric vehicle market which is still largely unsaturated. Electric vehicle sales accounted for less than 13% of the total in China, and less than 3% in the United States.

Wedbush has placed Tesla’s base case valuation at $1,400, and bull case valuation at $1,800. A number of analysts have already set a price target of $1,000 apiece.

The consensus price target for Tesla shares is at $887 currently. TSLA is up 0.66% premarket.

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