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Republican Rep. Gaetz Threatens Removal of House Speaker McCarthy Over Spending Disagreements


Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida has escalated tensions within the party, warning that he will initiate the process to remove House Speaker Kevin McCarthy from his position if McCarthy fails to meet his demands. Gaetz delivered a forceful speech on the House floor, urging McCarthy to refrain from implementing a short-term spending bill that would avert a government shutdown. Instead, Gaetz proposed relying on individual spending bills and urged McCarthy to prioritize votes on balanced budgets and term limits.

Additionally, Gaetz insisted on the impeachment of President Joe Biden and subpoenas for Biden’s family. Expressing the potential outcome, Gaetz stated, “Failure to address these pressing matters will result in a motion to vacate the chair. It’s important to note that while this motion may not succeed initially, it could gain traction before the 15th vote,” alluding to how McCarthy became speaker after the 15th round of voting in January.

Gaetz’s bold stance underscores the deep rift within the Republican party regarding spending and conservative principles. It remains to be seen how McCarthy will respond and whether this dispute will have significant implications for legislative priorities and party unity.

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