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Power Grid Corp. of India Ltd. Shares Show Modest Gain


Power Grid Corp. of India Ltd. (stock ticker: 532898) saw a slight uptick of 0.14% in its shares on Tuesday, reaching 254.15 Indian rupees. This increase comes amidst a generally pessimistic trading session in the stock market, highlighted by the S&P BSE Sensex Index (stock ticker: 1) experiencing a 1.11% decline, settling at 71,139.90.

Strong Performance, Near 52-Week High

Despite the overall market conditions, Power Grid Corp. of India Ltd. closed just 85 paisas below its 52-week high of 255.00 rupees, which was achieved on January 29.

Lagging Behind Competitors

On the same trading day, Power Grid Corp. of India Ltd. did not perform as well as some of its competitors. Tata Power Co. Ltd. (stock ticker: TATAPOWER) reported a rise of 0.35% to reach 383.25 rupees, while Gujarat Industries Power Co. Ltd. (stock ticker: 517300) experienced a significant increase of 2.95%, settling at 230.65 rupees.

Below Average Trading Volume

The trading volume for Power Grid Corp. of India Ltd. stood at 512,433 shares, which is significantly lower than its 50-day average volume of 1.1 million shares.

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